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International Asia Oman
Pakistan: Tahir Zaman to conduct course in Oman
December 14, 2004 3 out of 5
Daily Times, Pakistan
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Former Pakistan hockey captain Tahir Zaman will conduct the Olympic Solidarity Hockey Coaching Course in Muscat, Oman from December 21-28.

Muscat is on the list of the International Hockey Federation?s (FIH) those countries which are striving to promote the game through a solid activity plan, said Tahir, an FIH certified coach on Tuesday.

He said the 8-day course would be attended by 25 local coaches to learn about basics and high performance of hockey. Tahir said the FIH was determined to promote hockey in Asia, especially in Middle East where the game was getting a new identity.

?That is why a number of coaching courses are being conducted in that region to help develop the game at all levels, he said. He would deliver lectures and give demonstrations to highlight the basics and finer points of the game. ?For me it is a great honour to conduct a hockey activity and I feel delighted to be a part of such programmes,? he said.
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