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The Good, the Bad and the No Off-Side Rule 2 out of 5There are 5 comments on this articlex5
World Hockey
The No Off-Side Rule (NOR) remains the subject of heated debate among coaches and players. In his continuing series of articles, Shiv Jagday, the US men?s coach and FIH coach, analyses the pros and cons of the rule. View Article
Planet Field Hockey Store Closed
The Planet Field Hockey store is now closed. Thanks for all your support in the past. Shop Now
Coaching: What are the skills of a coach? 4 out of 5There are 22 comments on this articlex22
After been an international hockey player and after retiring from playing I have taken up coaching and I enjoy the challenge. I have spent a lot of time asking the question "what are the skills of a coach?"
Coaching Article: The Need for Deception 4.5 out of 5There are 11 comments on this articlex11
Why is it that the players of today get exposure and are encouraged to be creative with their bodies at such a young age in almost every sport but...
Coaching: Formation: GK 2-3-3-2. Trick or treat ? 4 out of 5There are 25 comments on this articlex25
This formation is a tricky one. The main problem or difficulty is the role of the double line in the middle...
Coaching Drill: First Touch Finishing Drill 4 out of 5There are 22 comments on this articlex22
The concept of preparation emphasizes that prior to collecting the ball a player should be aware of their options and the first defender...
Coaching Drill: 3v2 with a Counter Attack 4 out of 5There are 19 comments on this articlex19
This is a great drill that works on many critical parts of the game. This directional game works on shape, off the ball movement, ball support, transition...
Coaching: INDOOR SET PLAY FROM RESTART 4 out of 5There are 9 comments on this articlex9
Player A (in possession of ball) fakes to player C who cuts out and back in to post to shift defense...
Coaching Poll
What is the most effective system?



A system with 1 or 2 forwards and 5 or 4 players across the midfield

This poll ran from Jan 16th, 2002 to Mar 1st, 2002
Total Votes: 34

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 Hockey Camps
A step forward at summer hockey camp 4 out of 5There are 21 comments on this articlex21
Perhaps it was fate that landed me at a field hockey camp the summer going into my senior year of high school, but whatever it was changed my life...
Summer Camp Experience 4 out of 5There are 57 comments on this articlex57
I loved going to field hockey camp when I was a young player because it meant a week away from my parents and some time to spend with my best friends. It was also a place...
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PFH Clubhouse Comment of the Week
MJWC: India: IHF official levels overage charges
By: Ankit Desai

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