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FIH Olympic Umpires Preparation Camp There are 5 comments on this articlex5
International Hockey Federation
International Hockey Federation
August 9, 2004 5 out of 5
International Hockey Federation
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An FIH Olympic Umpires Preparation Camp is being held in Rome, Italy, over the period of 7 to 10 August 2004.

The Olympic Panel Umpires who are participating in the Camp are: -

Xavier Adell (Spain/Europe)
Christian Blasch (Germany/Europe)
Henrik Ehlers (Denmark/Europe)
Peter Elders (Netherlands/Europe)
David Gentles (Australia/Oceania)
Murray Grime (Australia/Oceania)
Jin Soo Han (Korea/Asia)
Satinder Kumar (India/Asia)
David Leiper (Great Britain/Europe)
Jason McCracken (New Zealand/Oceania)
Ray O?Connor (Ireland/Europe)
Sumesh Putra (Canada/Pan America)
Amarjit Singh (Malaysia/Asia)
Pedro Teixeira (Portugal/Europe)
John Wright (South Africa/Africa)

Chieko Akiyama (Japan/Asia)
Julie Ashton-Lucy (Australia/Oceania)
Renee Cohen (Netherlands/Europe)
Ute Conen (Germany/Europe)
Marelize de Klerk (South Africa/Africa)
Carolina de la Fuente (Argentina/Pan America) Jean Duncan (Great Britain/Europe) Lyn Farrell (New Zealand/Oceania) Sarah Garnett (New Zealand/Oceania) Soledad Iparraguirre (Argentina/Pan America) Gina Spitaleri (Italy/Europe) Minka Woolley (Australia/Oceania)

The Umpire Management team comprises: -
Peter von Reth (Netherlands/Europe)
Yolande Brada (Netherlands/Europe)
Jan Hadfield (Australia/Oceania)
Clive McMurray (South Africa/Africa)
Don Prior (Australia/Oceania)

The programme at the Camp will cover the following areas: - Physical training and fitness testing Interviews regarding umpires individual preparations Video reviews and coaching Umpires Briefing Information on what to expect in Athens Team Building

Following the Camp, the Umpires and Umpire Management Team will travel together as a group to Athens on 10 August 2004, just before the Games are due to start.

The Camp is an initiative of the FIH Umpiring Committee aimed at achieving a more professional approach to the preparations of the Umpires (more aligned to those of the teams) for the 2004 Athens Games. It is the first of its kind to be held, but it is anticipated that this will become the norm for future WorldHockey World Cup and Olympic events.
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Comments on this article
01-19-2005  12:00 am
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How did it go?
Just wondering how this went and what the out come was?
This sounds like a greadt idea
02-13-2005  5:08 am
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Umpires Camp
From what I understand most of the umpires were positive towards it.
It did make the olympic's longer than normal - so that was a little harder, but it helped get over jetlag.

Just as a side comment:
Has anyone seen the Umpiring Website that is being developed ?
Got to: www.homepage.mac.com/hockeyumpire
It is in its very raw and early stage as yet, but I will be very interested in seeing how it develops and comes together.
06-03-2005  6:00 pm
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The link does not seem to work.

Do you know what the correct link for this site is?
07-29-2005  9:06 am
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Umpiring Page
Try this

Its is constantly being updated.
08-22-2005  3:52 am
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Its wrong.
Always the same umpires.
FIH always do not take care about others Umpire
e.g. Bangladesh, Brune, Dubai, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Oman, Macau,.....
FIH forget this kind of countries.
I hope next time they will inside the important games!
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