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Rotterdam to host Champions Trophy
Planet Field Hockey
Planet Field Hockey
September 28, 2001 2 out of 5
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The 23rd Men?s Champions Trophy has been reorganised to take place in Rotterdam, Netherlands on the scheduled dates of 3rd - 11th November 2001.

The event will take place at HC Rotterdam?s brand new NLG24million, 8,000-seater facility, which opened in August and will be the first world level event at the venue.

Pakistan Hockey Federation and International Hockey Federation have mutually agreed to withdraw the event from Lahore, due to the security threat in that country following the terrorist attacks in USA. A contingency plan was put in place by FIH, where bids to stage the event were invited from the participating nations. The Australian and Dutch hockey associations both submitted proposals to hold the event during the originally scheduled dates.

Peter Cohen, FIH Honorary Secretary General commented, ?We?re delighted that, despite the short notice given, we were afforded the luxury of choosing between two excellent bids. It is a pity that the event has to be moved from Pakistan, but this is obviously beyond the control of both the PHF and FIH. However we are extremely confident that the Dutch Hockey Association will deliver a superb festival of hockey, consistent with the hockey world?s expectations of the Champions Trophy.??

The FIH International Final Coaching Seminar, originally scheduled to take place alongside the Champions Trophy in Lahore, will now also be staged at Rotterdam.
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