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Pakistan come from behind to win Rabo Trophy There are 166 comments on this articlex166
August 21, 2005 4 out of 5
Press Trust of India
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Anupam Ghulati Amstelveen, Aug 21

A resilient Pakistan came from behind to beat Olympic champions Australia 4-3 in a pulsating summit clash to claim the Rabo Trophy here today.

Trailing 2-3 at the break, Pakistan outwitted the favourites with a display of aggression backed by a solid defence, where goalkeeper Salman Akbar emerged as the hero.

The Pakistan goalscorers were Imran Warsi (18th), Adnan Zakir (32nd), Rehan Butt (42nd) and Mudassar Ali Khan (50th min) while for Australia, Travis Brooks, Grant Schubert and Ben Bishop found the mark in the 8th, 24th and 34th minutes respectively.

The Aussies began on an electric note testing Akbar four times in the first five minutes with forays from Schubert, Jamie Dwyer and Brooks.

They broke the deadlock in the eighth minute when Brooks drew Akbar aside from a Michael McCann pass and neatly pushed the ball in.

Pakistan, realising that their best chance was to match the Aussies, forced their first penalty corner ten minutes later when Shakeel Abassi was obstructed. Warsi, being groomed as Sohail Abbas's successor, flicked powerfully past Stephen Lambert to make it 1-1.

The Aussie forwards then started penetrating into the Pakistan defence with monotonous regularity and were rewarded in the 24th minute when Schubert scored from a Bishop and McCann combine. PTI
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Comments on this article
08-21-2005  3:40 pm
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Pakistan won the match
Pakistan is always best

Now we can see the spirit of Pakistan Hockey Team
08-21-2005  3:45 pm
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Beginning of things to come
Absolutely marvelous performance by Pakistan. Ausies game was at their top. They played like world champion nothing less. But it was the extraaordinary hokey with determination, great discipline and a perfect game plan for which Ausies had no reply.
Congratulations to Pakistani team and the coach Asif Bajwa. I belive this the begenning of greater things to come for Pakistan hokey.
08-21-2005  4:01 pm
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Pakistan Wins!!
Awesome.!!.Just Terrific!!.First title in four years Pakistan! Great Job. I hope this team combo is preserved and tested in future tournaments.
08-21-2005  4:03 pm
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congratulations pakistan Team
Its been a long time coming,however a sweet taste of a championship victory after some time now.

This is a major achievement for two important reasons. The tournament was held in Holland under conditions familiar to Europeopn teams who were well represented.
The strong determination and come from behind victory against the Aussies in the final is indicative of the team spirit and bodes well for future tournaments.

The Aussies were again the most consistent team till the final and deserve a full round of applause.
08-21-2005  4:17 pm
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what a lovely gift on the eve of independce pakistan team has really slaped their critics and made their countrymen over joyed .
08-21-2005  4:25 pm
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great work !
Pakistan zindabad! beating Aus is not easy as they are very strong team and ahead of holland,ger....
keep it up boys ! it will boost your morale and do the same in next yr world cup?
08-21-2005  4:59 pm
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Phoenix rising from the ashes!
Congrats to Pakistan on a well deserved win. Before this tournament they were last in 4 nation tournament and the way they have got themselves together is amazing. Pride, hurt, desire, fighting spirit have always been qualities of the Pakistanis, which make them the most unpredictible sides. No wonder they won the World Cup in 1994 and even the Olympics of 1984 against all expectation.

As far my team India; I suffer from anger, depression, pain and frustration to see how the players have applied themselves and have no respect or regard for the Blue jersy they don.
Iqbal Khan
08-21-2005  5:32 pm
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08-21-2005  6:29 pm
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awsome stuff from pakistan players

congrats pak
Hockey Fan
08-21-2005  6:38 pm
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Congratulations to Pakistan for the wonderful show by winning the in fact really a World Cup. With exceptions of few everyone was there at full strength. It also gives a fan reason to look at the game like a game. Pakistan who finished last at Hamburg comes back and wins tournamnet; Holland, Australia with Spain were more fancied to win. In nutshell all countries are pretty much at Par, it depends upon the day who is clicking. Nobody can dominate these days , which gives Indian fans also a chance to look at our team. No doubt they did not perform at expected level , given chance to stick togeather and let the coaches inspire team and fans also have faith. One can have only one winner, to me it seems like every team played best, who ever converted their chances have taken the trophy. I think every oneshould give congratulations to Asif Bajwa in keeping the Morale of team high after Hamburg. It is a lesson for fans that these players are humans too. it is not they do not want to win, we say any thing we want to say against these dedicated young men who can belong to any country and they are trying to do best for their country. We should understand that all the teams are there to win, what was wrong if Rajinder said team has a chance to win. Looking at performance of India and others with little bit of luck every one had a chance too. My point is this we should not ridicule these players when they lose and we should definitely award them for their success. God willing may be at Champions trophy India will come out in much better light than recently.
08-21-2005  6:45 pm
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The return of old memories
Yeah, let us hope that the new Pak-team can give us the old memories back when the green shirts made this sport so popular. Great congratulations to the green shirts
08-21-2005  7:36 pm
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08-21-2005  8:30 pm
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incomplete article
gets only one star. sorry.
08-21-2005  9:08 pm
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start of something new...
i hope winning this tournament brings new confidence to pak team and to their management. it was great to see pak comeback from goal down at break to win. winning this tournament proves pak can overcome the loss of great sohail abbas.well done pak team.u make us proud..
just a thought for my indian friends..dump the whole teams and bring young faces..they cant do any worse. good luck.
Alamsher K. Wazir
08-21-2005  9:28 pm
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Pakistan VS. Australia
Pakistani boys did it. Those who had the opportunity to watch the match. I am sure enjoyed it. For the game of hockey , a timely
boost in Pakistan. Well done boys.
Alamsher K. Wazir
08-21-2005  9:33 pm
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Pakistan's well deserved victory
It must have been thrilling moments for those who had the opportunity to watch the game.
Well done boys . A timely boost for the game of hockey in Pakistan.
Salman Aziz
08-21-2005  9:49 pm
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Paksitan is back to its best
Congratulations Pakistan. Brilliant Performance, outwitted and outclassed the arrogrant and hyped up australians. If Pakistan keeps on playing like this and better, its no doubt a certainity that Pakistan will regain its glory days.
08-21-2005  10:20 pm
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08-21-2005  10:44 pm
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Hurray for a classic victory.....and I like it more 'coz its against Aussies. The much hyped about so called "player of the year for 2004" lost all the shine in the final, guess he trembled under big match pressure. Great performance by the whole team and most significantly from Salman Akber. I will call him "Arkeleas" of Amsterdam for that game. Its not easy to block the aggressive and talented forward-line of Australia. Pakistan should now carry on from this victorious performance to all future championships. It won't be far to regain the momentum and getting back to winning habbits. And one last question ---"What if Sohail Abbas would be the part of team??????"....But I think victory still presides over anything.
german guy
08-21-2005  10:56 pm
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well done
well done to the pakistani team. they played very well. they were consistant and the rebounds against our team were great. After a long timje i enjoyed seeing the pakistan team play so well. germany is in a building phase so they are not playing very well.
I would like to add that the pakistani stick work and golie were very impressive in this tournament.
08-21-2005  11:19 pm
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ONe win does not mean much
What matters the most and reflects the real status of a team is consistency in performance.
Akbar Hussain
08-22-2005  12:08 am
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Thanks to Almighty Allah, He awarded a success in the shape of Rabo Bank Trophy. It is of course a Team Spirit. Though All boys' performance was very good, but the winning credit goes to Goal Keeper Salman Akbar. He saved sureshot goals and defended like a fort of Defence. Congratulation to Hockey Team, Congraulation to Pakistani Manager, Coach and People of Pakistan.
08-22-2005  12:24 am
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Congratulations to Pakistani team.Watch out Netherland,Germany,Australia and the rest of the hockey world Pakistan's hockey team is back on the top where it belongs.
08-22-2005  12:40 am
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team spirit is the key
without sohail Abbas and other bog guns, a terrific achievement.
08-22-2005  12:52 am
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Yes you did it
After 1994 World Cup Pakistan has won such a big event Congralution to Pakistan teams. Much you see more sucess.
08-22-2005  12:54 am
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Congrats Pakistan!
It is glad to hear that Pakistan won the trophy. I hoping that India also rise their standard in their coming everts.

We Asian shown our strenght to rest of the world also it shows still sub-continet hockey is alive.

Congrats pakistan and better luck next time India.
08-22-2005  1:04 am
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Thumping reply
you guys remember, aussies refused to play in pakistan due to so called SECURITY REASONS in the Champions trophy held in lahore. This win by the resiliant paki guys have gave them a reply they'll remember for their lives.

great job guys we are all proud of you, specielly salman akbar (you are the hero).
08-22-2005  1:04 am
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Congrats to Pakistan hockey team
BEating Australia anywhere in the world is not an easy job but Pakistan Hockey side proved that hard work and determination can overcome anything...well done and keep it up....:)
08-22-2005  1:11 am
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sporadic glory
Oh great commitment... Well done Asif Bajwa... but i still don't understand that how come a coach can make a difference in just one or two tournaments... i still think that it was Tahir Zaman's efforts that also needs to be applauded... ( i might be wrong here, but then he was a robin for our favourite batman, Shahbaz), i mean what was wrong with Tahir, Pakistan had excellent days in azlan shah, except for of course on malasia match, and then propobably the most humiliating performance in tyhe junior world cup, (almost the) same boys come to germany, humiliated again, and then wow, glory glory glory... thrashed germany, defended well against aussies and avail all the good chances to score... same shakeel abassi who captained the juniors played like a real sport yesterday... man i am just wondering is there a future or is it just a bright spot in the dark sky???
Well done Salman, Rehan, Adnan Zakir, Mudassir and shakeel, and also our "emotional" skipper....
Abdul Hayi Mansoor
08-22-2005  1:25 am
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Welcome Win
Its a great win. This tournament was a mini world cup. Pakistan defeated World Champion Ger, Olympic Champ Australia, Asian Gaints and Held Draw with CT champions. Its nevertheless a superb win and a real moral booster for Pak Hockey. Pak win over Germany is the biggest win i have ever seen against any of top 6 (Aus,Ger,Hol,Spa, Ind, Korea).
The game of Salman Akbar, Adnan Zakir, Rehan Butt and Muddasar was impressive. Shabbir and Abbasi were upto the mark as well.
08-22-2005  1:54 am
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Incomplete Article
Hey Henry its incomplete article. can you plz post a full story
08-22-2005  1:56 am
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At last Pakistan did it!
Congratulation Pakistan team ! At last you did it! Hard work ,good team work and determination paid to Pakistan team! keep up the good team work ! This could be beging of regain the old glory which was lost after 1994 world cup!

India should learn their lesson and time has come to reorganize the whole team before Championsgip trophy.
08-22-2005  2:08 am
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Full Story
AMSTELVEEN (Holland): Pakistan produced an exemplary display of skills to shock Olympic champions Australia 4-3 and win the Rabobank Trophy Hockey Tournament at the Waegner Stadium here on Sunday.

For Pakistan, Mudassar Ali was the match winner scoring Pakistan?s fourth goal in the 51st minute. Pakistan, who fought back twice from being in arrears, scored through Imran Warsi (24th), Adnan Zakir (32nd), Rehan Butt (42nd) and Mudassar Ali (51st). Australia took the lead in the 17th minute through Travis Brooks (17th), Grant Schubert (32nd) and Ben Bishop (34th).

Pakistan coach Asif Bajwa, who was lifted on the shoulders of the Pakistan fans, said, ?It?s a victory that should mark the return of Pakistan to top flight hockey. We attacked through the tournament and played with five forwards and I am glad that paid off.? Barry Dancer, the Australian coach, was effusive in his praise of Pakistan and said that they converted their chances and deserved to win the final. ?We will have to see where we made the mistakes so that such a performance in a final is not repeated,? said Dancer.

Playing their second final after winning the Olympic gold in Athens, Australia looked tentative. In the earlier final in June, the Azlan Shah Tournament in Kuala Lumpur, they had chased the balls down right from the start and still found themselves staring at a 1-3 deficit which they later turned and won the final against South Korea.

But after the initial prodding and testing the waters in the Pakistan half, Australia in a sudden burst of energy produced the move that gave them the lead. Travis Brooks shot in a fluent goal in the 17th minute. Pakistan who were using the ball skills of Shakeel Abassi on the right flank to good effect earned a penalty corner in the 24th minute. Imran Warsi?s flick equalized the scores at 1-1, to the joy of the Pakistan supporters. Slowly the rhythm returned in the ranks of the Australian forwards and a break from the right gave Grant Schubert and opportunity to show his skills.

Trapping the ball with his back to the Pakistan goal, on top of the circle, he turned to his right and sent a reverse shot that beat Salman Akbar in the Pakistan goal. Australia had the lead in the 32nd minute.

Shakeel Abbasi, all the while threatening the Aussies with his runs down the flank produced a move of absolute class. Abbasi, in the 32nd minute of the match, ran down the right flank, past three Aussie defenders before releasing the ball into the middle of the circle where Adnan Zakir jabbed in for Pakistan?s second equalizer at 2-2.

Two minutes later, Australia were a trifle lucky in having Ben Bishop unmarked in front of the Pakistan goal where the Australian picked up a penalty corner rebound and tapped in to give Australia a 3-2 lead before the teams walked off at the break.

Pakistan coach Asif Bajwa kept shuffling his forwards and it paid off when he brought in Rehan Butt from his customary position as right-out to play as striker. In the 42nd minute, Rehan trapped a cross from the right from Ghazanfar who have dogded two defenders, turned to his right, back to the goal, and unleashed a reverse shot that sped past Australian goalkeeper Stephen Lambert.

With the scores locked at 3-3, Pakistan were threatening to fight every inch of the way. A clearly rattled Australia were making errors, especially in the defence. Pakistan shot into the lead for the first time in the match in the 51st minute. Mudassar Ali Khan found himself staring at Stephen Lambert in the Australian goal after trapping a cross from the right. His shot went through Lambert?s legs as Pakistan rode on a wave of confidence. With three minutes left in the match, Pakistan?s Adnan Maqsood was shown the yellow card as Pakistan played with ten men. Australia had a chance to equalize when they earned a penalty corner in the last minute but failed to convert. agencies
08-22-2005  2:16 am
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Glory days indeed are not too far away.
Great spirit shown by the green shirts, great skills too.
Both the flanks were working better in the final game and the defence was emaculate.
And above all, they were on the field with a plan.
If only they can find a realy good defender at the back, the team would do very well in future. I sometiomes feel that Zeeshan make a hell lot of mistakes at the back for a defender. Shakeel abbasi was awesome up front, Butt is always good and the mid-field play of Saqlain and Mudassae must be appreciated too. But above all Salman Akbar prooved that he is one of the best goal-keepers around.
I have a feeling that Kashif Jawad should be back in the team, I know he has not been in the top form and he has put up some weight but he is the sort of player who can really make great use to Shakeel Abbasi's and Shabeer's run with his subtle last touches. Shabeer, I feel is a great asset to Pakistan team and has not been uses too efficienty over the years. It seems as it he misses the 'Killer instinct' and can not finish all that well. He needs to work on that. And he should permanantly be setteled on the left-flank.
To conclude things, these are signs for bigger things to come from Pakistan.

Long Live Pakistan, Long live Pakistani Hockey, long live Asian hockey
Adeel Azhar
08-22-2005  2:17 am
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I think this victory is great not just for Pakistan but for Asian hockey as well... i wish the best for indian hockey team as well for future.. lets hope their hockey also picks up before the Champion's trophy... Congratulations anyways for Pakistan Team!!
08-22-2005  3:15 am
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Hero of The tournament
congratulation to all pakistani and also the team of pakistan.
well done alway by Abbasi,Rehan, and certainly the hero is,


08-22-2005  4:26 am
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Don't you just love it?
Don't you just love it when someone says something negative to you after a victory ( such as Bob from India above?) Makes the taste of victory all the more sweeter..
Aussie Bob
08-22-2005  4:31 am
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Well done Pakistan....good for hockey...great TV!!!
Giti Singh (London)
08-22-2005  4:48 am
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Well Done
Congratulations Pakistan ,keep hockey in that part of the World.
M.farooq khan
08-22-2005  4:57 am
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congrat pak
keep it up...boys you can do it belive on Allah then ur self nothing is impossible for ..pakistan zindabad pak hocky paindaba
08-22-2005  6:36 am
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congratulation to pakistan team.your performance should inspire all the asian teams.
down in hamburg now on the top.really well desreved victory.
good old days are coming back.asian hockey should rise up
08-22-2005  7:03 am
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Grow up. Congratulations to Pakistan on a well deserved victory.
08-22-2005  7:08 am
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Hockey guy
08-22-2005  7:40 am
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Well done Pakistan!!
I think by beating all of the teams at Holland we have regained some pride. I am a great fan of the sport and hope it gets a bit more popular internationally. It was very difficult to get any information on the match last night. I agree with one of the earlier posts that the top teams are quite near each other in standard, as is evident from comparing the results of the Hamburg and Rabo cups.
08-22-2005  7:43 am
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Congratulations for Pakistan
After a long time, we heard a good news in the pakistan hockey. Well done boys.
08-22-2005  7:47 am
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congrats paki
Congratulations to pakistanis.they have done like this after a long time and another thing that goes to their credit is they are scoring field goals.not relying more on penalty corners which they used to do alot in past.
So,although Sohail Abbas is national hero.his absence proved to be good for pakistan as they have again learned and started to score field goals..congrats to them again.
08-22-2005  8:21 am
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Great going Pakistan. This is an outsyanding achievement! Australia was so strong coming into the finals and to beat them is great hockey.
Congratulations. Hope this spurs the Indians too
nasir malay
08-22-2005  8:36 am
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well done
yes well done , but it was expected with Malaysia not there. Had we being there story will be different.
we beat pak in asian games remember
08-22-2005  8:47 am
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ALHAMDULLILAH PAKISTAN won the tournament through to their best performance.
Its really surprised to all that after finishing 4th place in hamburg tournament Pakistan came back strongly and gave their best performance. I think salman akbar & adnan zakir played very well in final , salman performance in this tournament is excellent .once again congratulation to Pakistan team & management, hope in future they will performe same as they performed in this tournament.
08-22-2005  10:53 am
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Good to see Pakistan winning..
Good to see Pakistan winning a high-level tournament after so many years. Congratulations to whole Pakistan team. I think it is a very timely win that should be utilized to revive hockey in Pakistan. Pakistan Hockey Federation should pursue media to let every one know in the country about this win. I am not sure if 50% of the Pakistanis even know that their national team has won a top-class tournament. PHF should buy some time on TV to show the recording of the final again. Players should also be rewarded. Trust me if it were India, many of their playes would have been promoted to DSP/SP ranks in Punjab Police.
Once again congratulations to whole Pakistan team. Pakistan has challenging assignments coming up: Champions Trophy and World Cup qualifiers. I pray for their consistency and success.
Pakistan Zindabad.
08-22-2005  11:30 am
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To Nasir Malay
You're kidding, right?
Shanawar Hashmi
08-22-2005  12:18 pm
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Giant morale boosting leap!
Good to see the Green Shirts back at the top. Last time Pakistan won a tournment after a long drought was way back in 1994, when they won the Champions Trophy in Lahore. Same year they won the world cup. Lets hope we do it again, INSHALLAH.
K. Afzal
08-22-2005  12:39 pm
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I hope that Pakistan keep up the great work by the Grace of Almighty and re-live the old days of glory that our children have forgotten, ever were.
08-22-2005  12:45 pm
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Was it Goalkeeping?....or just a rebuilding Aussie squad?
Surely this will give PAK hockey a boost, but sounds like the Goalkeeper was the difference? When have you heard of a goalie for Pakistan making the difference in the past??

Also, some young blood coming in to replace Sohail, must be heartening?

It would help for some Aussie comment, here, on how close this squad was to a current #1 - eleven? Who was left at home?
Punjabi from Canada
08-22-2005  1:11 pm
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Pakistan Win
Congratulations to Pakistan team on winning the Rabo Bank Trophy. Excellent job done. No matter they were last in Hamburg but they shown to the World that if someone won olympic recently will always win. Now a days all top 6 teams are equally storong enough to upset anyone. It is only who make use of the chance.
Well done Pakistan. We also look forward to see same magic from INDIA and KOREA in future tournaments and hope these 3 Teams bring WORLD CUP back to ASIA and later take on the OLYMPICS in China.
Good Luck to Asian Giants.
08-22-2005  2:12 pm
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Congrats to pakistan from Indian hockey fan
Well done pakistan. Outstanding achievement. !!!
08-22-2005  2:50 pm
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more to credit
The credit of victorious performance is not limited to players, coaches and fans. It goes to who always kept faith in being victorious someday. Tahir Zaman and Rolent Oltman also deserve partial credit for their part in development of this team over the years. I like the way that team is not relying on Penalty Corner executioners anymore......very unusually Sohail Abbas's absence came as a plus, but no doubt on the legend's play. And where the ever hyped and hypertensive commentators and supporters of Australian Hockey, where are the likes of namelessderro and others.....I haven't seen any of there comment on the lost. But I applaud Australian team for atleast giving some kind of performance against Pakistan in the final. Also to those who are whining about inconsistensy, I would like to point out that first Pakistan has a reformed team so there is no problem in giving them a little time to settle and secondly fortune has a definite role in wherever you finish at the end of day and after having lost to GERS and NEDS by mere single goal margin in Hamberg I won't blame them and won't called their display as lackluster, instead I would applaud them for coming back so sharply and turning everything around, and keep in mind the fact that I am talking about the team with only 2 or 3 players above 23.
I also want to thank Indian fans not only for supporting Pakistani Team in the end but for stop whinning and blaming about astrotrough and umpiring for the lost. I think we realized that it would rather be better to adopt to new ways than to wait for someone to bring a change for us when there is no chance at all. Pakistani team learned that and I think Indian should be the next to learn that.
And at last I call namelessderro again and want to question him about the commitment of "MR. Player of the year 2004" in the final.??? C'mon man what excuse u have abt it???
08-22-2005  4:34 pm
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Malaysia = Poor man's Korea
mohamed mir
08-22-2005  5:31 pm
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start of great things ?
congratulations to Saqlain and the rest forthis great result.The importance of this is that you now know you can compete with and beat the best teams around.Stick with the management team and treat the players with the respect they deserve and more success will follow as a reward of everyones hard work. All the best from Manchester,U.K
From Jalandhar - Punjab
08-22-2005  6:06 pm
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Bajwa Sahib and the Pakistan hockey team...... Congratulations and thanks for bringing the glory back to Asia...... especially Punjab.... No matter where we live...... Even if we are from the other side of the so called Border..... We love you a lot.... This one is for all the Pakstanis and PUNJABIs too........ DO NOT LOOK BACK GUYS.... KEEP IT GOING THIS WAY....... RABB RAKHA.......
08-22-2005  9:32 pm
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Cool beans!

Wish PTV had shown the match though.

Can't really comment because I didn't watch the match but I'd implore you folks to keep your optimism in check. Pakistani team has always had the uncanny knack of turning up unbelieveble performances totally out of the blue. One tournament doesn't mean much in the grander scheme of things, specially when the win comes at the back of a disappointing performence in the four-nation tournament.

Congragulations, though.
Hockey fan from USA
08-22-2005  10:27 pm
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I am thrilled to see Pakistan finally winning this tournament, however we should be relaistic and not put too much pressure on these yung guys and expect this result everytime.
Field hcokey of today is very competetive and any team on their day with a bit of luck can beat another. I don't think any team can dominate all the tournaments like yester years when pakistan and India did.
Someone mentioned that not having Sohail Abbas was a blessigng in disguise and I agree. I think with Sohail Abbas the team was one dimensional and dependent too much on him and put unecssary pressure on him. Wth out him they had to work hrad and they did and I saw excellent field play of Sahbbaz days from the team in this tournament. They fought hard because they knew they didn't have Sohail and kept creating chances and never gave up.
Well done and keep it up. We will support you all the way whatever the result with this level of paly and effort.
08-22-2005  10:48 pm
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no to get things right
now we need to stick to the same players, coach and managment,,, not that we lose another tournament and the whole team chnages. this team has shown us that we can beat anyteam. so we should stick with this combination... in 1-2 yrs time i am sure that we will be one the top of the world again
08-22-2005  10:48 pm
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stick with the same team
now we need to stick to the same players, coach and managment,,, not that we lose another tournament and the whole team chnages. this team has shown us that we can beat anyteam. so we should stick with this combination... in 1-2 yrs time i am sure that we will be one the top of the world again
08-22-2005  11:20 pm
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Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie.............out out out
08-22-2005  11:24 pm
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Well Done PAKISTAN..........keep it up
08-23-2005  2:21 am
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Hi guys..green shirts just out classed our team...
I just wanna say WELL DONE PAKIS...especially Selmon Akbar..I know that you are great hockey playing nation and had tremendous memories.. Keep it up and all the best!
08-23-2005  3:39 am
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Biggest Win
Its the biggest win after 1994 world cup. The way pakistan played in this tournament and their fight back in seconds of in Hamburg tournament predicts a bright future ahead.
Mian Mohammed Waqas
08-23-2005  4:04 am
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Great victory
Thanx to ALLAH pakistan desevers thier vicotry coz pakistan playing excellent hockey and they beat austrailla in final i am very happy bacause austrailla cricket team is also in truobel nowadayz and england beat austrailla so austrailla hckey will be in trouble next tournamnets
pakistan zaidabad
sailkot zaidabad
Luqman Munawar
08-23-2005  5:03 am
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Hope to see more consistent performance from Pakistan in future
I am like all Pakistanis very happy to see Pakistan win a competetive
tournament after a long time. We should appreciate the hard work done by
players and management/coaches.

In all the euphory of this title, let us not forget that it is not the
WC, Olympics or CT. It was an invitational tournament, though most of
the good teams were part of it.

Just let us hope that this win brings some more consistency to our teams

Pakistan zindabad
08-23-2005  5:30 am
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Big Mouth Moore
Moore said
"The much hyped about so called "player of the year for 2004" lost all the shine in the final, guess he trembled under big match pressure"

Yes, just like when he scored the winning goal to secure gold in Athens. Congratulations to Pakistan for a great victory but we should also congratulate Australia for a great performance, with their 3 inside forwards from Athens all unavailable. I don't think we can get too excited yet, but it's a great start.
Easy Tiger
08-23-2005  5:34 am
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Moore or Moron?
Change your name Moore!
Dwyer scored the winner in extra time in an Olympic Final, and your suggesting he choked in a minor tournament which the Aussies treated as a development tour.

Have you got any idea, you halfwit?

BTW Congrats to the Paki's, heartening to see them playing well.
Amritpal Singh
08-23-2005  5:52 am
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Hope for Asian Hockey
Well Done Pakistan !
Credit should go to the Coach.
Asian hockey still has hope after this victory .
08-23-2005  6:03 am
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To Nasir Malay
yaa u r right..u beat us in malaysia.but can u tell me at which position u were standing in the end of that tournament.were u above the pakistanis?????
08-23-2005  6:40 am
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Hockey, Squash have been hijacked by Cricket
I strongly feel that every effort should be made to give due coverage, sponsership money and attention to the sports of Hockey and Squash which have give so much respect to Pakistan in the past. All is still not lost in these sports and urgent action is required before it is too late.

I remember as a Child the excitement of following Pakistan Hockey and Jehangir and Janshers exploits in Squash. We used to see hockey player regularly appearing on Tv shows and commercials but now they are nowhere to be seen.

I think for one sport - Cricket to be given so much attention and focus is bad for the country as a whole. We have so much talent and we must regain the lost glory of Squash and Hockey.

I am a big Football fan too, imagine watching the Pakistan football team in the worlds biggest sporting even the World Cup Football - Will it ever happen in our life time?
Iqbal Shafiq
08-23-2005  11:21 am
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The following is the complete article on the Final.

Pakistan come from behind to win Rabo Trophy

A resilient Pakistan came from behind to beat Olympic champions Australia 4-3 in a pulsating summit clash to claim the Rabo Trophy here today.

Trailing 2-3 at the break, Pakistan outwitted the favourites with a display of aggression backed by a solid defence, where goalkeeper Salman Akbar emerged as the hero.

The Pakistan goalscorers were Imran Warsi (18th), Adnan Zakir (32nd), Rehan Butt (42nd) and Mudassar Ali Khan (50th min) while for Australia, Travis Brooks, Grant Schubert and Ben Bishop found the mark in the 8th, 24th and 34th minutes respectively.

The Aussies began on an electric note testing Akbar four times in the first five minutes with forays from Schubert, Jamie Dwyer and Brooks.

They broke the deadlock in the eighth minute when Brooks drew Akbar aside from a Michael McCann pass and neatly pushed the ball in.

Pakistan, realising that their best chance was to match the Aussies, forced their first penalty corner ten minutes later when Shakeel Abassi was obstructed. Warsi, being groomed as Sohail Abbas's successor, flicked powerfully past Stephen Lambert to make it 1-1.

The Aussie forwards then started penetrating into the Pakistan defence with monotonous regularity and were rewarded in the 24th minute when Schubert scored from a Bishop and McCann combine.

However, Pakistan hit back to draw level in the 32nd minute when young Adnan Zakir deflected an Abbasi cross to the surprise of the Australian defenders. The men from Down Under took the lead for the third time, a minute before the break, from an indirect penalty corner which Bishop opportunistically tapped after a goalmouth scramble.

There was no shortage of high voltage action in the second session as both teams produced high quality performances.

Pakistan drew parity once more when winger Rehan Butt was set up atop the circle by medio Ghazanfar Ali in the 42nd minute. The Lahore-based WAPDA star made no mistake with his powerful reverse as a frozen Lambert looked on haplessly.

But the best for still to come for the greenshirts. Their attacks with Shabbir Husain, Zakir and Mudassar became sharper as the pedal was pushed further.

Chakwal-based vice captain Mudassar dug the last nail in the Kookaburra coffin when he shot effortlessly home after the Aussies succumbed to a Pakistani counter attack in the 50th minute.

Australia tried in desperation to find the eqaliser, even with Pakistan reduced to ten in the last five minutes after Adnan Maqsood's suspension, but luck deserted them.
Faizan B.K
08-23-2005  11:26 am
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The glory of cricket
well..i agreed with u osman.we have won 4 world cups of hockey and just one of cricket still everyone in pakistan wants to play cricket just because of the glamour and more money in it than in hockey.
but i dont understand that in the countries where football is played with madness ..how they managed to play and be on top on other sports.like germany etc.as football is the biggest sport.
i think like those countries pakistan should also concentrate on hockey as well as on squash
Rashid Malik
08-23-2005  11:31 am
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Thank You Ten Sports
Our sincerest thanks to Ten Sports for making it possible to watch the Rabo Trophy live in Pakistan.

Double delights for us because Pakistan won a major after the 1994 World Cup.

Thoroughly enjoyed the coverage and the commentary.
Ashar Ahmed
08-23-2005  12:45 pm
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To Jalandhar - Punjab and the like
Have you noticed then whenever Pakistan wins, the credit suddenly goes to Asian Hockey and how Asian hockey has been given a boost.....guy's..give me a break....hockey is hockey...we need to move on with Asian or non-Asian stuff..every country plays differently and Pakistan is much more superior..and hopefully will remain so in the coming years to the other Asian countries.
Dont forget, Pakistan has beaten India in 13 out of the last 17 games and counting. India barely managed to save some face but winning the last position game. So, to all my Indian friends....just like cricket or snooker or squash are games played differently in each country, so is hockey. Let's get past that old mindset of Asian hockey. I do not see any resemblance whatsoever in the way Asian countries play their game. The main reason is that you guys cant get over the fact that Indian hockey has totally gone down the drain with no hopes of survival and your only solice is to make every Pakistan victory more bareable by calling it an Asian victory!
08-23-2005  1:01 pm
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Actually Missing the point is very critical here
Thanks for the embarking comments from Shaheen and Easy Tiger. But again you guys missed the point. I wasn't even talking about what happened in 2004 b/coz its history. My question was did the so called "Mr. Player of the year 2004" carry on his performance from 2004. absolutely not. Even if Sohail Abbas would be the part of team, he would atleast score, and thats for sure, so what was your scoring machine doing, I guess nothing. And just so let you know, don't fool around yourself by considering this tournament of developmental status. 8 of the top world class team won't ever compete in a developmental level tournaments, and plus there is enough league hockey to do the developmental work. so u figure out who the "hawlfit" is, and I'm pretty sure that you will find the answer in your comment easily. Also I don't like the pessimistic approach from Shaheen, b/coz I believe that if Pakistan Hockey has achieved something in over a decade 's period, they rightly deserve the credit for it. Please Don't just spoil there hardwork with lame excuses. Pakistanis were w/o Sohail Abbas, Don't you count that as the biggest weakness of Pakistani side, But eventually the team overcome that weakness and put up a classy performance which they never did even when Sohail Abbas was in the team. And for the excuse of three aussie forwards, combine all those three won't even score as much as Sohail Abbas could. SO Pakistan was a weaker side than Australia before the start of game. But they won the encounter b/coz they play like champions.and deserving CHAMPS!!!! (keep in tact with the fact that Pakistan has only two players over 23. SO they were a very unexperienced team too)...........
08-23-2005  1:22 pm
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The final - a feast 2 watch
one of the greatest hockey finals ever with a team being considered not so good & the the team hich was always behind the great Aussies Side won in the end 4-3 - All credit goes to Salman Akbar - he really ut every thing there - Its the retun of the PAKI side - a treat to watch the great final - Aussies paltyed very well but PAKIS were gr8 specially ADNAN ZAKIR stick work was great
H Dhillon
08-23-2005  2:01 pm
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To: Ashar Ahmed
What a pathetic thinking, Pakistan is a winner, and pakistan is pakistan, take credit with humble...Don't try to make it a issue, yes pakistan beat India so what, why suddenly it is big issue now.

I don't know what you are trying to prove here, we are happy that our neighbour have won, and I don't know which world you are living in. Pakistan and Indian style is diffrent than any other team.

If Indian team is not winning there may be many other issues, but this is diffrent story.
This one is about Pakistan winning.

Don't see everything with "Indian are enemy" glasses on your eyes.

Enjoy the win.

and By the way Congrats to pakistan team ......wonderful work guys,

no matter what some brainless people think, as a indian I am proud of u guys, hopefully that will give some hope to Hockey fans to India, that it is not impossible to win, playing hockey with your own style.

shani pakistani
08-23-2005  3:00 pm
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a great relaxation
cooooooooooooooooooool nice thinking we beat the moderen tecniques with passions we won alhamdulilah
08-23-2005  5:02 pm
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where was the defense
so the goal keeper played really well.. and the forwards too.. but the defense was pretty bad. 2 of the pakistani goals were great. the other 2 involved luck. The last went between the keepers pads and on the 2nd last the keeper didnt move. Overall a great preformance but the defense needs to be tightened. The pakistani keeper deserves credit more than anyone else for this one,.
08-23-2005  5:59 pm
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Congratulation for Pakistan.
But Pakistan have to learn a lot with anothers strong teams.
How long Pakistan take the winner?
I love Pakistan and India Styles.
They always show for people alot deception, dribbing they like Brazil soccer team.
They show good quality hockey.
It is to much quality and Holand Spain Australia German always in the final?
If Pakistan Team per year take 2 or 3 champion these is Pakistan coming in the road and be come strong!
Ashar Ahmed
08-23-2005  6:47 pm
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To H Dhillon and the likes
I dont think I ever said that India is the enemy or anything like that...all I am saying is that whenever Pakistan wins, more credit is given by the Indians to 'Asian style' hockey (which doesnt even exist now) ... rather than saying that it was Pakistan that won. Look at all the comments above and previously made by Indians before I brought up this point and you will see what I mean!
Also, I am sorry but there is no resemblance to the way Pakistan and India play hockey anymore otherwise the results for both the teams would be smilar to each other.
Furthermore, here are many other countries in Asia now which are on top in the world of hockey and many follow the styles completely different to what Pakistan or India used in the olden days as Pakistan has changed with time as well and has assimilated the best of short passes, scoops, 5 x 2 x 3 format and amazing stick work. South Korea and Malaysia are also in Asia if you dont remember and their styles are different.
So the point is that firstly, there is no particular Asian style now, secondly, Pakistan has proved time and again to be a much better team than India over the past many years and thirdly, there are many other countries in Asia playing good hockey.
Last but not the least, I hope Indian hockey can come up as well and we see exciting encounters with more balanced odds between Pakistan and India but I dont see that happening anytime soon. Also, what was that comment about congratulations to Punjab by Mr Jalandhar earlier in this forum...one more thing which diffrentiates Pakistani hockey from Indian hockey is that the Pakistani team is comprised of players from all over Pakistan, Punjab, Sindh, NWFP, Islamabad etc and not just one part of the country like the Indian team is, so I think you should be congratulating the entire Pakistan and not one particular province.
Hope you have an open mind and realize that whatever I am saying is exactly how things are. No hard feelings.
Pakistani fan
08-23-2005  7:26 pm
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Keep it down
Our countryfellow was right, this is only one friendly tourney, nothing's determined... So give the players of PAK more time to develop before drawing false conclusions...
By the way, to win the final was great, but don't forget that the Aussies weren't fit at all, they couldn't even pass the ball right at penalty corners, don't get too excited tho, that's the bottom line

But for the rest it's kool to have that tournament on Pakistan's name, that was easily taken away :)
08-23-2005  8:09 pm
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Right on Mr.Dhillon!
I agree completely with H.Dhillon. Being a Pakistan Hockey fan, we must appreciate the fact that our hockey shares attributes of Indian-Hockey and any victory by these two nations is a victory of Asian Hockey. In this spirit we should be humble and modest in our victory and considerate when one is not doing as well. The period in Indian hockey is indeed for all hockey fans to worry about. Being a Pakistani I can assure you there is nothing there to be pessimistic about Indian Hockey and its revival. There ought to be plenty of talent in India just like there is in Pakistan. I hope IHF can sort out its political debacle and get Indian Hockey on the right track. Wishing Indian Hockey Well for the Champions Trophy 2005.
08-23-2005  8:24 pm
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International Hockey
You know Pakistan always bring the best and good quality players!
Pakistan Hockey like Brazil Football!
The use natural styling hockey.
Congratulation to Pakistan Hockey.
About Asia Hockey:
Korea be come the best team in International Hockey.
About Malaysia should be the best also but I don't understand Malaysia team have alot international coaches and why can't take in good position?
Malaysia Coaches: German, Holand, Australia ........ Look in position.
K. Afzal
08-23-2005  9:48 pm
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An Aussie
Dear An Aussie
I apprecite your sportsmanship to buck up Green shirts.
Thank you
08-23-2005  11:25 pm
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Pakistan and Brazil
As far as offence is concerned, Brazil and Pakistan are the same. But NOT when it comes to defence. Individually, I am sure that Pakistani defenders are world class...but our team defence is poor. Brazil not only has excellent one on one defenders, but they also play excellent team defence. So if we really want to compare ourselves to Brazil, we need to up the defence. If you look at the final, a lot of Australian chances came because they were totally unmarked, and not just because they are THAT good.

MashAllah, our offence makes up for the slips in our defence, but there will be time when our forwards are not clicking...then what will be do. As they say in medicine: First do no harm.


If we score 5 goals, and let in 6, we still lose.
If we score 0 goals, and let in 0 goals...we STILL end up with a draw, which is better than losing.

08-23-2005  11:38 pm
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so people, do u think green shirst will will any major tounament in the next few years?
Punjabi from Canada
08-24-2005  12:15 am
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Ashar Ahmad
I think you are over excited at this Win and forgot just few days back your team were last in 4 nation tournament in Hamburg Germany.
People are congratuating Pakistan Team and I think you do not want Indian well-wishers to congratulate your team? You do not like to accept that Indian and Pakistan style of Hockey is similar. O.K. we accept your team have their own style and it is not Asian Style of Hockey. O.K. Happy Now. Take it easy. Pakistan beat India many tmes, we agree, we accept. Your team is the best in the World, Indian are no match to your team. Are you happy now! BE HAPPY. HAVE A SPORTSMANSHIP and if you can, try to accept appreciations from hockey fans all over the world which is a morale booster for Pakistan Team and may be Indian Team will learn something from your Victory.
Good Luck to Pakistan Team for future tournaments.
08-24-2005  12:17 am
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Asian Hockey
Hang in there Stickup,I'm a Paki fan & yes it feels good to win,but don't give up on India just yet,they may be at rock bottem now,but they will make a come back sooner or later...its only a matter of time before Asia is ruling the roost in hockey again.
08-24-2005  3:08 am
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Well sone Pakistan!!!
Many congrats to Pakistan!!

To Dhillon:
Sorry mate, we do have some thinkers to the extreme side! Thanks for your remarks! :) We are people, not politicians, so we should be friends ;)

To Ashar Ahmed:
Dude you need to calm down and use your brain... the indian guys here did not mean anything like what you are thinking... better get your screws tight yaar...

Again... Congrats Pakistan and...

A Message for Aussie Players:
"Please be calm on the field... the scene when some aussie player grabbed the collar of a pakistani player actually hurt the image of australia"
Easy Tiger
08-24-2005  4:12 am
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Moore from the moron
Olympics then World Cup then Champions Trophy then Commonwealth Games, everything else is considered minor in comparison to the aforementioned tournaments and treated as such by most nations.
Did you watch any of the games?
Dwyer was playing inside forward to cover for the absence of Elder and Eglington. Is he going to get more goalscoring opportunities playing striker when Eggy and Elder are playing behind him? Is scoring goals your only criteria for performance measure?
Neither myself nor Shaheen said anything to take credit from the Paki's, you can only beat the opposition that is presented.
However, we both reacted to the disrespect you showed for a player who will be among the greatest of all time. You should enjoy Dwyer while he is at his peak, we may never see a player like him again.
Some people find it easy to knock champions, it makes them feel better about their own inadequacies. Are you feeling a bit insecure Moore?
08-24-2005  4:48 am
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well done
Well done to the Paki's. They played well and got the Aussies on an off day. They were lucky to be only 3-2 down at half time. Due to some poor finishing by the aussie and great goal keeping. Keep in Mind that Australia had both of their current starting inside forwards out due to injury. Michaeal Boyce and Nathan Eglington. There is also troy elder to come back next year hopefully. Mark Knowles also got rested fom the JWC he played. Craig Victory I understand also flew home early due to an injruy to his face caused by a pakistani player in hamburg. Well done to Pakistan but Australia's ENGINE ROOM was far from full strength. So to play like they did, well done to the Aussies.
08-24-2005  5:46 am
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Lack of Ideas
Last 30/40 messages lack of new ideas/points/suggestion. its more like word-war now.
Master Dina Nath
08-24-2005  6:45 am
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Well Done Pakistan
Congrats to Pakistan for an excellent tournament at Amstelveen. They deserved this win with their grity and gutsy approach.

I hope they will continue in this fashion and hopefully India will take a leaf from their determined performance.

It was a delight to watch the final on Ten Sports with outstanding analysia and commentary from Anupam Ghulati and Nick Irvine.
Ex UETian
08-24-2005  9:59 am
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But don't forget the same team had beaten Germany 6-0, Korea 7-1, England 6-2 and Holland 4-1.
Once Pakistan defeated them you started mentioning Australia being understrength. That's less than a fair excuse.
08-24-2005  10:05 am
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The asian tigers, They showed us what they are
Pakistan showed why the European teams still rate Pakistan one of the best in the world. Pakistan has always been there or there about but always lacked the final finish in tournaments. This was a different story though. The men in green simply blasted past any obstacle and signaled there return in international hockey.

Rest of the world! watch out for the green attack
08-24-2005  11:22 am
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Coward Tiger..lame excuses..pathetic existance...no use of brain
Hoo hoo hoo
Hold On Hold ON Hold on!!!! Take a chill pill boy,
First of all I let u know about the point of insecurity..Why in the whole world would I feel insecure, after all the courage has been shown by my team to pull the victory. Your comment was not just inappropriate but entirely senseless. Instead of namecalling like you, I would rather prefer to unleash your pathetic approach on the topic. If your article is not full of excuses than what, how easily you consider the victory over your team as inferior and w/o lack of competition. To be honest you need to figure out who didn't put up the play...there is nothing to blame Pakistan if 5 of the burras not turn in. And just after controlling myself of 5 minutes of gigantic laughter on your ridiculous comment of declaring so called "Mr.Player of the Year" a "will be" legend of alltime....No disrespect but If you know a little more about Hockey...the victory is decided by the no. of goals a team score. But in case of above mentioned undeserving Mr. Player of the Year, there is no point of scoring goals. No matter where you play Right-in Right-out Left-in or left out or striker...if you know Hockey and you've been awarded with such an honorable distinction......we expect you to score, its as simple as that. But there is no fault of you all, 'coz the way media in your country most probably tries to take the blame away from team by ridiculous excuses, it was very easy for me to understand your mentality.
Furthermore, I would agree with the stand taken by Ashar Ahmed and I think people are misunderstanding his comments. He is actually very right about the matter if anyone can view the comments on this page. But one suggestion to you Mr. Ashar instead of comparing with India try to compare Pakistan with AUS, Neds or Gers 'coz thats where our main competition is at. We can't let them go by stupidifying our victory with such an unsporting behavior.
One last note, Tiger of Zoo, I don't care if Elder, Englington or Knowles were not there. I still refute the objection which lacks substantiality. After all Sohail Abbas wasn't there...so your team should feel a little secure but just the fortune wasn't with your side on that day. SO do accept the fate and Stand up for the Champions and give due respect to them with complete sportsman spirit.
08-24-2005  1:29 pm
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To Hari Kant
Dear Hari/Kant

May you please tell us the max. hits (visits) a page have ever received on planet field hockey site.
Visitors are welcome to put their observations as well. My observation is 3200.
08-24-2005  1:42 pm
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reply to Doddy's comments.
Thanks for the update regarding two Aussie players out due to injury for the final at Amsterdam,however also remember Pakistans most consistent goal scorer of the past several years(sohail Abbas) has also recently retired.

As this tournament has proved team sports do not require one or two players to win tournaments(Pakistan has one a major tournament after a decade despite the absence of Sohail Abbas). This team did not win tournaments during his tenure.

The Aussies had great players like Charlesworth and many more...for a long time but were out in the cold the longest amongst the great Hockey nations.

The tournaments are won due to team coordination,skills,good coaches and sheer determination and spirit.

This Pakistan team seems to have most of the above qualities despite having only two players above 23 yrs of age.

We should also remember this was no Olympics and not even champions Tropy,thus the team will need to show and prove their stuff in the coming events.
08-24-2005  10:24 pm
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easy tiger and doddy
how come this off color team of urs bear holland, germany england and korea. If you would have won, no one would have mentioned that it was a weaker team. If someone wasnt playing the position they usually do, Is it the pakistani teams fault?? We can make the excuse that the pakistan team is in the rebuilding process for the last 10 yrs.. but then that would be an excuse. We have been losing cause there are better teams than us. You had a full strength team and you lost fair and square. If our goal keeper played well thats to our creadit, not to be be used by u guys as an excuse.....no one is saying that this is a bigger tounament than olympics, CT or the world cup. But it had the top 8 teams playing, most of them full strength, so winning it was not a walk in the park. Give us credit. We deserve it after 10 yrs of waiting!!
08-24-2005  10:52 pm
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Foolish Comments
In the mid of the above messages someone said that last two goals were just 'by chance' or due to austrailian goakkeeper mistakes.
Well, Mudassar's goal was of superb class. he hit the ball with a very difficult stance and so accurately between the legs of gk. that was a great finish and a absolutely world class stuff.
Rehans goal was also great. He deceived gk so well that he did't anticipated the hit.
I think that guy has very limited knowledge about hockey and have never played it ever.
Tim Aussie
08-25-2005  1:26 am
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Australia's appalling goal-keeper lost this game......
08-25-2005  2:02 am
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Ashar Ahmad & Moore are idiots
Just wish to say that Ashar Ahmad and Moore are both idiots.

This is the first time that Pakistan has won a tournament in many many years, and it is not even a major event. The only major events that I know of are Olympics, World Cup, Champions Trophy, and Commonwealth Games. Pakistan hasn't won any of these since 1994. And you 2 have the audacity to put down India (who you are not much better of than), Dwyer (who is one Australia's all time greatest forward), and the Australian side (which was missing almost their entire starting forward lineup).

So lets put things in perspective.

There are many 4 nations and developmental tournaments that are played each year. Holland, Australia and Germany will usually win 3 to 4 of these each year while Korea can win 2. And that's usually without half their teams.

I can't see why these 2 individuals have to gloat the one time Pakistan has won a no-name tournament.

As for Australia, well they came 2nd. No big deal, lost in the 'FINAL'. How many times has Pakistan even made the finals.

Maybe they thought they would let Pakistan win something for once.

Now I do give credit where credit is deserved. I congradulate the Pakistanis for winning this tournament. I was especially impressed by the stickwork by the right in and right wing for Pakistan. Rehan was impressive when he played at Center forward. But you 2 are ruining the grace and class of the rest of the Pakistani supporters.

I also don't agree with these guys dissing Dwyer. Dwyer is considered a very distinguished athlete in his home country. And this a country that had 17 gold medal, 16 silver and 16 bronze.

I'll explain the significance of his accomplishment at the Olympics as plainly as I could to you Moore (or is your real name Danish, Mohammad, Khalim etc.). The only time that you have come close to scoring the winning goal in the Olympics 'Moore' is in your dreams. The only difference is that even in your dreams, you missed the net.

The only Pakistan teams that I will respect are the teams from the 70s, 80s or early 90s. Because those teams were winners. If you show me players like Kalimullah Mansoor Jr, Hanif Khan, Samiullah Khan, Shabhaz or Shahnaz; and only if you win Olympics or World Cup will you earn the respect that you think you deserve.

Until then Pakistan, I do wish you the very best of luck.

P.S. Don't forget, Australia is the current OLYMPIC champions.
08-25-2005  3:06 am
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Ex UETian
Yes buddy, i know what the other results were. Those games the backs played well and the forwards finished. Something they didn't do in the final. that happens and thats hockey. This also took pressure off the midfield.
08-25-2005  3:12 am
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Ex UETian
I also see they had a poor start to the tour. Two 1-0 defeats to Germany and a 3-1 loss to Holland. Also a narrow 4-3 win over Pakistan. Hardly a polished overall tour. How can you not say they were understrengh. Of course they were.
08-25-2005  3:18 am
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Be much happier if sohail was in the team. Apart from his flicking ne's not a very good defender. Oppositions had field days when he was in the team. Funny you didn't win many tournaments while he was playing.
08-25-2005  3:23 am
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Just read you post. Answered my questions. Pakistan were the better TEAM on the day!
Easy Tiger
08-25-2005  5:18 am
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Moore vs Abrar
Moore, please read Abrar's insightful post. Even better, sit down at a game of hockey with Abrar so he/she can explain to you what is happening. 99% of the game of hockey occurs off the ball, maybe if someone can educate you on the nuances of hockey your well meaning passion will start to make sense. Finally, the Australian media wouldn't even know what hockey was unfortunately. We get coverage during the Olympics and that's the only coverage we ever get. We are a sports mad country but hockey is a very minor sport in terms of participation and spectators, I was hoping that Olympic gold would increase the sports profile but nothing has changed.
08-25-2005  12:49 pm
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08-25-2005  1:09 pm
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Mike (Pro-Indian), Lame Tiger & Lost in tanslation "doddy"
First To Mike and Doddy,
You guys need to work on your knowledge about Hockey and entirely about sports a little more. First of all Olympics are not far away, and I'm pretty sure that this tournament (percieved "now" by many Aussies as developmental after defeat in the final) will sure help your team to defend your title. Although my stance will never going to change on "Mr.Player of the year 2004", rather he was one of the most undeserving player to be honored with that award. No matter what he performed in Olympics, you failed to answer why he couldn't score in the final. Just because he played at different position he forgot how to score a goal, thats purely insane buddy. Rather you did what I was expecting, you started ridiculing and demeaning Sohail Abbas. Now Just so let you know if its in your mind to compare "Undeserving Mr.Player of the year 2004" to Legendry Abbas, the line should be drawn diferently. Sohail Abbas was a world class defender, better than any Aussie ever and apart from that a world class executioner. There is no point of showing rage against him, if Aussie never produced a player even close to his match. Over 30 Goals in a calender year....Jaime Dwyer can't even dream of scoring that. Now why Pakistan didn't win is because we're not playing well as a team, and thats very right but to blame SOhail Abbas is ridiculous.
I thank you for appreciating the teams of 70s,80s, and 90s. Lastly, neither my name is Danish or whatever you stated nor I'm from Pakistan. So balance your words, take some time and think a little more before putting robust insanity.
Don't just bragg about Olympics, What about everything else in the Hockey arena. No Champions Trophy participation because of same insanity, here your team didn't win so another excuse to put on, and as far as with Australia, Pakistan has always a neck to neck record. During the drought of ten years for Pakistan when did your team came against Pakistan convincingly.

SHortly to Tiger,
I definitely like your suggestion and full respect to your opinion. But unfortunately, its actually you who need deep learning from ABrar's and other's "insightful" (as you say) comments. So ridiculous that, after a single defeat how easily a sport became so inferior to you...huh.... And on good facts about 99% stuff. I believe than Dwyer would be in the remaining 1 % 'coz you might excuse him for not getting the ball. You call your country a sports mad, and I think you are a sport mad country, but on the otherside a very unsporting nature from someone like you just spoil the due respect.
Thanks. and please do work on What I've suggested.
08-25-2005  5:50 pm
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congradulations to Pakistan for winning Mini World cup .. i saw highlights on fieldhockey.tv the second goal on a deflection by Pakistan was a superb one, after a long time i have seen such a good timming ,nice cross from the right side and the fwd deflected it ,and it just sliced up in the corner of the net...

used to be great Hasan Sardar (center fwd) he was very good in deflection at his time !!!

anyways keep it up ! and stick to winning and do the same at Champions trophy this yr and WC next yr ???????????? you can and did before ?????

good luck !!
Pakistan zindabad !
08-25-2005  11:59 pm
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How little do you know. I have very good knowledge about not just about hockey but sports as well. You cant stand their and tell me that Sohail was a better all round player than Dwyer. Yes Sohail was one of the best PC flickers of all time. I'll give him that and enough to scare any team. Lucky turf was developed otherwise we may have never seen him. So Dwyer didn't score in the final! If the Paki's didn't win short corners for sohail to flick, he wouldn't have scored those amazing, exactly the same execution of skill(as good as it is), 30 goals in a calender season. I think it takes more refined use of skills to shoot from anywhere in the circle under what is alot more pressure. I'd bet dwyer has one of the highest goals to games conversation rates around as a striker not a pc flicker.
Plus the Australian team didn't go to the "CT 04" because of the government. The team wanted to travel but they couldn't.
I guess we'll see how the CT 05 pans out. Good luck to all.
nasir malay
08-26-2005  12:01 am
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I am not kidding.We have beaten Pak many times . recenty we had drawn in olympics qualifiers 0-0.
We are not poor Mans korea.
Our hocky traditions are rich and strong.
We have held major hockey tournaments then any oter coutry.
1975 wc and 2002 wc .
We have done well .
we have powers to take on the world. Any team be it from europe or asia cannot take it easy .
So be it , we are the one of the best.
08-26-2005  12:10 am
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What is your issue against Australia? Is it because they won the Olympic's, they didn't play the Champion's Trophy or that JD had the audacity to be voted Player of the Year by his fellow players? Why is it OK for YOU to criticize our country & players, but when someone has an opinion about Pakistan you pan them as being ignorants. Whether they were on a "developement" tour, short a couple of their normal starters, or simply outplayed on the day - it doesn't matter, the game is over & they lost. Disappointed - yes, no-one likes to see their country lose. Am I glad to see Pakistan win - yes. I look forward to some epic battles btwn them & Aust, Holland, Germany etc.

Just because JD didn't score doesn't mean he wasn't deserving of being 'Player of the Year". So the the player you obviously wanted to win that award didn't win - build a bridge & get over it!!
08-26-2005  1:44 am
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Moore you are an idiot!

Congratulations that your team won a tournament, it's good to see the Pakistani team doing well.......just try and keep it in perspective!

As for your attacks on Jamie Dwyer, I'm at a loss to understand what your problem is. Dwyer is class player and deserves any awards that come his way. His stick skills are as good, if not better than any of your players and his work rate is unquestionable! You would do well to learn from him.

I really do hope we see Pakistan and India, taking a more dominant position, as this is a good thing for hockey..... but you might want to win a major championship before you get to caried away.....your track record over the last ten years is not exactly glowing!

The biggest thing holding back your team is some of the moronic supporters, I'll let you decide if this includes yourself.
08-26-2005  7:08 am
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Moore the Disgrace
Moore, you have incited all this conflict and tainted our victory. The Aussie supporters were all quite gracious and unanimous in their praise for our players, that was until you started gloating about Dwyer's sub standard performance in the final. Even more important than being a gracious loser is to be a gracious winner. You've embarrassed yourself and our country. Please watch and enjoy Dwyer, you'll regret not enjoying his talents when he's gone.
08-26-2005  7:17 am
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Hey Moore, i'm a Paki living in Oz so i'm pretty neutral when the 2 countries clash. I only found out today that this tournament was on and Pakistan were the winners. I have to admit I was very happy for Pakistan as this will mean much more to them than it would to the Aussies. Go Pakistan!

By the way I think I know who Easy Tiger is...
Is Easy Tiger a recently retired player?
Indian Fan
08-26-2005  8:00 am
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Pakistani hockey
I am sure everyone who follows hockey at this level is very patriotic about their country as demonstrated by the Pakistani fans above. Some supporters don't have a clue but still jump up and down for their country. Having played hockey at a high level and followed it for many years, it must be said from a sports perpective Pakistani Hockey is the most enjoyable and entertaining to watch. I hope they are consistent in achieveing this success and India will hopefully join them.

Well done Pakistan.
08-26-2005  9:12 am
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Lucky turf was developed otherwise we may have never seen any team winning except pakistan or india
08-26-2005  9:24 am
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Mistaken for skill level over commitment
Well, still the moronic group is not in any position to provide the answers of my questions and they're still kept on bragging and excusing the facts out of question. Well thats what I always talk about, dare to show if you got any skills. I asked few question on Dwyer's commitment not his skill level. On the excuse of playing at a different position, it doesn't mean anything b'coz a player of high-international caliber and distinction has to have goal scoring capablity, which by far wasn't in his game, atleast in the final. So where did he carried on from his performance, no where. It still stands where he left in Olympics, guess about 13 months old to be exact. Now you guess will still consider him whatever you want to, but the facts are very open now.And to SWJ, yes for sure I would rather pick Teun De Nooijer in place of him. About Sohail Abbas, its an old story now. This is not the first time I am seeing these blind arguements on his caliber from fans of a particular country. Over years I found no fans of any other country opposing his talents and excusing him as just being a drag-flicker. It won't change today either b'coz beyond just criticism, your comments show insanity and unsportsmanship.
And Shaheen it is b'coz of fans like you that the sport of Hockey hasn't return to its deserving glory for past ten years in your country. The kind of unpassionate fan like you are the actuall disgrace to the country. If my country would've won the tournament, I wouldn't be backing off from issue like you and I would never ridicule victory like you're doing. I don't know whether you are Pakistani or not, but to be honest doesn't seems like atleast not a fan of their Hockey. I thanked all the Australians for their support and congrats, but I duly replied for their demeaning criticism against the Pakistani Hockey and Sohail Abbas. If you have guts to show some respect for your Hockey team, you should defend them, rather excusing their talents with plain moronic approach.
ANd What if I would ask the same question to you, SWJ "Why is it OK for YOU to criticize our country & players, but when someone has an opinion about Australian fans and Hockey, you pan them as being ignorants." And Thats being in any sports not just Hockey.
And before calling anyone "Idiots", try to improve your skill level of communication. Because Namecalling wouldn't change the matter and will not take it to anywhere, infact it will be a display of your insanity and running off from the subject.
And Please do reply, if you have substantial and reasonable arguement about my questions, In any other case try to be calm and graciously accept the facts.
Faizan B.K
08-26-2005  3:37 pm
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To Nasir Malay
well. i think u do not have guts to face the reality.and there is no shame in accepting the reality.
its ridiculous that the team like malaysia who have not even won a single major tournment is comparing its team with the one like Pakistan who have won 4 world cups of hockey.Just use ur brain.tell me have u ever won even Azlan Shah which is not considered to be that big tournment and is played on ur homeland.with all the crowd supporting u...i dont think so.
08-26-2005  10:23 pm
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To Nasir Mala
Dude.....C'MON!!! The number of times you ahve beaten Pakistan can be counted on the fingers of one hand! But I'm glad you think that qualifies you as a great team.....that would make us even better right? Anyway....when you win something, we'll talk. Until then, you'll just have to be satisfied that your "rich tradition" hasn't even netted you the Azlan Shah. So go home to mamma kiddies...don't think you can play with the big boys just yet.

08-26-2005  10:42 pm
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On the subject of Jamie Dwyer
Jamie Dwyer is an exceptional player.....a pleasure to watch. But let's not give him god-like status just yet by saying he is one of the greatest players of all time. Does he have the potential to be one of the all time greats? No doubt about that. His performance against Holland in the last Olympics is proof of that. He is still young, and he is only going to get better. All my fellow Pakistanis should be fair and accept him as such. I mean..why be jealous? We have had more amazing players than you can shake a stick at. Good dribbling is just not the domain of Indians and Pakistanis. Have you forgotten Stephan Blocher? Actually...with the robotic way teams play on turf, Dwyer is a breath of fresh air!

I do take exception to the fact that someone mentioned that he may have better dribbling skills than anyone on the Pakistani side, purely as this is only conjecture and opinion. We'll just leave it at that. It's not easy comparing players individually, and let's face it, nowadays hockey has become such a team sport that such comparisons really are foolish.

As far as Player of the Year is concerned, I don't know, nor do I care what the workings of that selection process are. He says this...she says that...it's all a sham. More like the lottery. So Dwyer got it, good for him. I lost all interest in this stupid award when Jay Stacey won it a few years back. I mean...c'mon. He was a good player..longevity wise..but exceptional? Someone people would pay to come watch? That's stretching it. Good solid player...but he didn't deserve the Player of the year....strictly in my opinion. Perhaps people saw something else there? But hey...if players like Shahbaz can be passed up...wy not? So the players of the world didn't think Sohail deserved it. Why is every Pakistani mad about that? Heck...even our own M.Waseem didn't think Sohail deserved it...so why the heck are we crying? The point being...whether he deserved it or not is a matter of personal opinion, and please atleast let people reserve the right to their own opinion. However....as a last word, in my PERSONAL OPINION, I think that Sohail atleast deserves something like a life time achievement award. You know..being the world record holder in anything has to get you some accolade!!!!

Opinions, comments? I will entertain them all...as long as they are not too abusive ( my fellow Pakistanis).

Pakistan Zindabad!

08-26-2005  11:47 pm
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malaysia will take centuries just to match the records of teams like pakistan and india but even then i have doubts about that
Nasir Malay
08-27-2005  2:04 am
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Reality to Faizan B.K
It is the reality that any team is scared to play us , you can check with any coaches of any teams.
They are more fears to play malaysia then india or pak.
you are welcome for discussion.
shani pakistani
08-27-2005  9:54 am
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to nasir malay
wowwwwwwwwww nasir u have great sense of humour hahahah hahah lol okkkkk so nasir u should write some comic stories or jokes u r wasting your time at this site .these sites r proper for you i am sending some sites for your send your jokes there and win first prize
08-27-2005  2:18 pm
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To Nasir Malay
Dude...what are you on? Your statements are totally a matter of your own opinion....or perhaps a phantasm in your own muddled reality! Are you sure you are not talking about Badminton, or Chirree Chaka, as is it affectionately know in Punjab? But hey...I would be sore too if I constantly got my behind whupped in the only tournament I have in my homeland.

My question to you, if you can answer it is: when was the LAST time Malaysia won anything in field hockey? ANYTHING?

Actually...now that I think about it...Nasir does have a point about the fearsome Malaysian hockey team. I asked coach Hendriks why Malaysia wasn't in the recent Rabo trophy, and he said, "Are you kidding? We're so scared of that team we didn't even INVITE them to the tournament!" After all..with the Malysians there, the tournament would be over before it even started...why bother playing scared?

Last I checked though....don't you guys have a YELLOW uniform? And yellow is the color of? 'nuff said...

08-27-2005  6:03 pm
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Interesting comments from a Malysian fan
Well OZ you pointed out nice stuff. I think the only area where we can graciously thank Malaysia is for their strong support for the game, but same can be said for recent Indian Hockey team.(Huge Support ......uh...Little to Offer). But I don't want to comment anymore on that. Let me handle the "head-strongs" first, though actually they haven't came with any replies.
On Abbas and Dwyer, to be honest man, there are many power forwards and strikers in the Hockey today who are not just as brilliant as Dwyer but even better than him, and more to that even more "Commited". I am a huge fan of Teun De Nooijer, then their is Eduardo Tubao, Rehan Butt is no less. Why the whole junk is about Dwyer. Now about comparing to Abbas, Their hadn't been any and neither there will be any one of his match as far as penalty corner executions are concerned. (Period). Throughout his career I found him playing with thorough skills and full "Commitment". There hasn't been any victory for Pakistan for which anyone can blame him but to question his commitment, it can only be by someone who plays Hockey in the fools backyard. Why No players came even closer to his standards of scoring in the last 10 or so years of Modern "no-offside" Hockey? To give away awards to Jay Stacy and recently to Jaime Dwyer were not justifiable. Yes, he is a good players, sure he might can prove in future to be the best among all. But what about De Nooijer and Abbas who already proven themselves far many times. Thats when I call it a MIGHTY PROBLEM, which is very commonly revered by Dwyer's Fan Following as "FIH".
By The way I'm still looking for replies.........hey dude you have any!!!!!!!
Nisar milay... Do you live on mars
08-28-2005  12:09 am
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you must be out of ur mind... amazing... that like compairing brazil and pakistan in football. reality check: Pakistan has won 3 olympics, four world cups, 3 champions trophies, azlan shah twice and now the rabo cup. What has malasya won. Ok forget that. What about runner up.. ok forget that too..... what about a bronze. hmmmm.... none..... well then why would anyone be scared,,,,... Try to get some sanity in your head. We shouldnt even be discussing this
08-28-2005  3:09 am
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Asian Style Of Hockey
Pakistan had proved it beyond doubt that Asian Style of hockey hasn't lost its valour till date.
Its the lack of infrastructure that ties down the Asian teams in International Arena.

Its hightime the IHF shud stop experimenting on the National Team and build a team that can prove itself.
nasir malay
08-28-2005  8:59 am
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we are one of the best
If mars blong to malaysia , then YES.
2002 asian games bronz, 1975 wc 4th place , commenwealth mens bronz ... and many more let me do history
Dirk Pitt
08-28-2005  11:44 am
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Lame Aussie Excuses primarily
Firstly the comments of moore makes sense, he is a dedicated sports fan, i have read his posts often.

However this tournoi is not the only tournament we wont, i think a couple of years or so ago we beat a strong Germany in the final of Azlan Shah, its the wretched media that is baised toward this Great Sport that people dont know much.

As for the Assuies, Well Dwyer is a good forward Agreed but one that has a potential to b a GREAT cannot be compared to one who is a proven GREAT like Sohail Abbas.

Oh one more thing to All those Lousy Aussies, if they are good in dribbling and skills, who trained and crafted the skills of the Aussies back in 60s & 70s for quite some years, i think the name of the country starts with the letter "P", wow "Pakistan" iz the name. In the 80s only 3 teams were really considered to play the traditional asian style skills of hockey Pakistan, India and Australie, and the very reason is that the early teams of the Aussies were trained by Us!!!

Oh and Aussies have just won their first ever Olympic Gold, when was the last time they won a World Cup? 90? 94? 98? 2002? what makes them so great???? Well they were so scared to lose the best team status in last CT competition that they made a lame excuse of security threat. Why is their cricket team playing in UK, they even had London bombings during the tour, and i think in the very same town they were in. No country is more secure than the other, and that is a fact all agree to unanimously.

I guess thats pretty much i got to say. And Thanx for supporting Pakistan, Moore u sure are a true Pakistan Hockey fan.
nisir malay, mars it is!!!
08-28-2005  2:18 pm
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wow, what an answer
i had stated that pak had won ct 3 times, wc 4 times, olympics 3 times, azlan shah 2wice, and the rabo cup..what MAJOR tournament has malaysia won....or has gotten a silver or a bronze...
to this nisir malay answered
2002 asian games bronz (thats major!), 1975 wc 4th place(4th place is a bronze??? , commenwealth mens bronz (is that even a tournament??)...

What a comparision. It is obvious from his post that infact malasya and pakistan are equal in stature!!!!!
shani pakistani
08-28-2005  3:29 pm
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to nasir malay
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww intresting u meant to say that malaysia wins bronze one time in history unbelieveable .wat a record we pakistani really sorry,your country record is better than pakistan in hockey .dear friends i think nasir malay is a boy of 12 age we should not discuss more NASIR MALAY.
Dirk Pitt
08-28-2005  6:04 pm
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forgot to add this for all u aussies lookin for excuses.
Australia came to the final with a 100% points tally and thumping they gave to the opposition, so please no further excuses for not fielding certain players etc etc. Pakistan played better and got the better of Australia in the final.

Infact the aussies cracked under pressure, and just like the English Cricket team showing fighting spirit and facing them head on, the young Pakistani Hockey team showed no sign of fear, and took them head on and won the battle.

I hope Pakistan builds up on this success, its about time, and this younger generation has the skills and determination, it may take them a lil more time to be the most relished n cherished team in the world that sends shudders down the opposition teams, but i hope that time comes sooner than later.

Best of Luck to Pakistan for the Champions Trophy. Hope they win it and more and herald in a new of era of success that is reminiscent of the glorious age of sucess from the 60s to mid 90s.
08-28-2005  7:26 pm
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to all u guys !
all u guys just shut up! Pakistan has won and ausssie the present toughest team is runner ups! i am not pakistani or aussie , i am kribatian born in burkina faso ! and love fieldhockey !!!
08-29-2005  6:50 am
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It's interesting that the same Pakistan team just played at the Junior World Cup yet they couldn't manage any higher than 6th

Strange this that there performance was so poor.... or maybe I am trying to imply that the Pakistan Hockey Federation do not consider age as an important aspect!!!!!!

It's only a matter of time until Pakistan are found out and they admit that Abassi played back in 1997 at the Junior World Cup at the age of "19" now 2005 he is "21"

p.s Do Pakistan realise the Junior World Cup is not a father-son competition
08-29-2005  11:23 am
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Thanks for support
Thanks for support Dirk, otherwise this planetffield hockey website will rather become planet field insanity by aussies. But I am happy that people are realising the facts over exaggeration and excuses.
Dirk Pitt
08-29-2005  6:29 pm
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You Are Welcome Moore
Yeah moore you are surely right about this, there are a lot of insane comments from people who dont even seem to know the very basics of supports or are just looking for excuses or make it worse just show disgust, utter rubbish. Well Pakistan just won the competition, fair n square and deservedly, so they must b congratulated by all.

Salman is the name, Dirk is just the nick :)

Btw Moore do you agree with the NO Offside Rule and Rolling Substitutions? I have put the issue on posts many a times but here ppl are only into grass v turf and asian v european styles. Well chosing what style to play is the choice of the team, so i dont think there shud b any argument on it. However people say that grass v turf is a big issue, well to some extent it seems to b the case, however until mid 90s Pakistan was still dominating the hockey scene even on turf, it was more due to the lack of financial, managerial and media support that the team missed out on tournament victories. Being a developing country its not easy for them to provide turf in all towns like in modern west but the team support and fan base is still much larger(a proof that the largest hockey stadiums in the world are in Pakistan, the one in Lahore is one of the biggest in the world), however turf i think provides a level field for the sport and i think should not be used as an excuse, the best youngsters should be selected at academies and then groomed for the national team so they have ample experience of the game on turf. if you have witnessed the grounds where Pakistan players come from since the 50s, you will have to applaud them a million times more because its like playing on a lunar surface in certain areas where they grow up playing hockey.

The Rolling Substitutions is a more of a joke though, what it has done is helped the European teams. These teams have mostly efficient but average skilled players on the bench, and the rolling substitutions keep them fresh and 4-5 substitutions at one time like made by Spain in Olmypics completely change the line up and game plan, which is unfair in my opinion. They substitutions format like in Football makes sense, the teams can then make strategies and their is a constraint on their resources, the weaker teams on their day can test the strong teams, otherwise just imagine teams like AC Milan and Real Madrid with world class players in a match, keep rotating them every time they are needed, and then consider the weak teams playing them, i doubt any one can mount a challenge, and now consider the real world situation, no matter if these big soccer clubs have big names, but they might not perform well on a day, but managers will only have limited substitutions to make. It should be the same in Hockey, the team with players who are physically more fit, have the skills and can endure the pressure more shud b on the field playing, and managers have to work out strategy on when to replace certain players.

Same for the no offside rule, althou one reason stands in favour of this rule i.e it has got hockey more media attention and lots of goals (no style, mostly crap) but the biggest flaw of this rule is that it killed the art of real hockey skills, the players should have the skills to break down defences and score goals, then teams can employ the strategy of either defending or attacking in a game. In the modern hockey of today which has made mockery of the real game as most of the true fans feel, on many ocassions you see one team playing with skill and style, while one long pass to an unmarked (offside position in old rules) player in the opposition circle who just takes the ball and flicks it in. Whats the skill or class in it or for that matter a great strategy? the forward just hovers around in the semi circle waiting for an opportunity to tap the ball in.

Where u from btw Moore? Oh and keep dropping in the useful info for all those who need to know the game and talk some sense, i am trying my best thou :) Any comments on this or previous posts are welcome.
08-30-2005  1:47 am
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Dirk Pitt
I relate this comment to the no offside section of your discussion. You talk about it as good as the game has more goals even though they have no style and are crap. Also talk about passing to an unmarked player in the circle who just takes the ball and flicks it in. Where is the class in that you then ask? I find this really funny. What do you think happens on short corners where this so called GREAT player got all his goals from. Let me see-Push out to the top-Trap-Someone comes in who just takes the ball-then flicks it. very similar.
As for the rolling substitutions. I think teams like Pakistan would struggle with this rule and the aussies would benifit. People always talk about them running out teams at the end of the game. If they were on for the whole period I'm sure that this would only mean other teams would struggle more against them.
And please don't talk about aussies having insane comments most of the time the Paki's are just as bad.
But hey, I do agree Pakistan won the game fair and square. I congratulate them for that. Bring on the CT in India as i feel it's on sparked a bigger rivalry between the countries. lets hope the hockey fans benifit from it with great games.
08-30-2005  6:05 am
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Dirt Pitts
Dirt Pitts said
"who trained and crafted the skills of the Aussies back in 60s & 70s for quite some years, i think the name of the country starts with the letter "P", wow "Pakistan" iz the name"

Dirt, I think you'll find that Australian hockey was heavily influenced by Indian's living in Perth and developing the very strong West Australian hockey. The only Pakistani influence in Australia is in the taxi driver industry.
08-30-2005  8:11 am
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Breaking News!!
Malaysian hockey team has just drawn a high level match, with those fearsome giants of world hockey......HONG KONG!!!!!

(guess the team from Hong Kong hasn't been heeding Nasir Malay's warnings!!!)

08-30-2005  8:19 am
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Mutual admiration club. Pathetic! :)
You guys should continue with your dialogue; it seems to be heading somewhere exciting. Maybe an interesting relationship. Who knows? ;)

Just like Dirk Pitt; maybe Moore can now choose "James Bond" as a monniker. Then the 2 famous characters can join hands and solve all of hockey's problems and satiate your alpha-omega egos!
Get a life kids!
Dirk Pitt
08-30-2005  8:53 am
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Thats hilarious, please do consult records and see the trainers list. as for Daddy nick well my comments were not just for the Aussies alone, and by the way Short Corner is one particular game and one needs skills to put a perfect drag flick tp score the goals, itz not like the stupid tame tap ins OKAY.
Nasir Malay
08-30-2005  9:30 am
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Shani pakistani
We played hockey before you were born.
Never mind we have won far and few .
but we have rich hockey culture
08-30-2005  11:23 am
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Good start of discussion
Well, That was very interesting subject which you brought in Dirk. Personally, I am in favor of rolling substitution but not for No-offside rule. I'll give the explanation for both, but first about that Asian V European Style Hockey and the trough and grass stuff. Well, on the style you are very right that its up to the team strategy and think-tank that whichever style they wanted to play. Like say for Australians, there style was very attacking and more like the so called Asian style of Hockey and thats why I used to like the encounters between pakistan and Australia. But in late 90s, they did try to adopt the defensive style where they didn't accomplish much and now they are back with forward-attacking strategy. Even sometimes, the formation makes big difference whether you want to play with a center forward (Pakistani or Aussie way) or you want it behind the left-in and right-in (NEDs way). Same for wingers, it depends how you wanted to utilize them. So to me there shouldn't be any arguement about that. It is useless to discuss style, if you have style then just prove it on the day when it is needed. On the trough part, I am in favor of trough for two reasons. First it was 20 or so years ago when this development was brought into the game and now its just not fair to cry over it. We have seen greats players like Shahbaz, Kamran Ashraf, Stephen Veen, Van Honert, Domke, Bechman, Bowlender, Mark hagger, Steven davies, Abbas and more recently De Nooijer, Elder, Tubau, Rehan Butt, so I consider it pretty unfair to brought that issue for the excuse of defeat and lack of consistency from a "particular" team. Secondly, for a seventy minutes rushing game , it was needed, It is because of trough game that Hockey viewing increased over the years, 'coz it has become a fast pace game, and the combination of fast game and fast stick work is now the beauty of the game. But people have opinions, and I don't mind as long as they are not contradictory or unjustifiable to the facts.
Now on substitution rule, I appreciate that you put on the example of soccer (BTW big time fan of REAL & AC, following them from 92). But there is a big difference in the pace of both game. Because of limited substitution Soccer is a slow game compared to field hockey, Players have higher fitness level there, and even then they got fatigued after an hour of play. Hockey is played on a fast track, and rolling substitution would probably be necessary to accomodate players and their fitness. But also I'm getting your point, and I believe there should be a check on the no. of substitution, like say per half or per duration, something like that. Apart from that, with rolling substitution the coaches can use there players more efficiently depending on the condition of game. And actually if you remember, the great memories of 94 World Cup, It was Pakistan who came from behind with much relaxed Shahbaz Jnr. and Kamran Ashraf, and in that game that rolling substituion worked for Pakistan b'coz both Shahbaz Jnr. and Kamran was used very differently after substitution by the coach.
Now on Off-side rule. Man, I don't understand who brought that rule in the game. B'coz of that, the game has just lost its fenace. It was regreted by all greats and not just Pakistanis (Just to let aussie know). Now in the modern game, untill recently, the use of stick work was nearly vanished. Furthermore, the defensive game is not even considered now, which suppose to be the difference in teams. To be Honest, who wuld ever remember Sohail Abbas if he wasn't score that high. Not b'coz he was not a world class defenders, but b'coz of that no-offside rule defenders have very less to show their work on the field. Same for others also, Do anyone recognize Lumans, Buma, Harnau Xavier, Butler, Wells. Even to an extent it has affected the defensive midfielders and half backs (No one talks anymore about Livermore, Wasim Ahmed, Christian Blunte, van Wijk). And you are very right on pointing out that the use of long passes are far more than ever before. It is definitely very easy for strikers to even deflect them in the goal. Its a demise of Hockey that b'coz of no-offside rule the style and strategies are running out of the game.
I hope people understand that. And don't mind the comments of doddy and Cobber Indian, see I don't even talk about Indians or Indian Hockey. I hope you'll understand why is that so. There is something which we call Hockey and then other thing which we don't call Hockey, and the later one is for them. Cheers .
Question to you Doddy, Where was your team when Abbas was Drag-flicking. Why didn't your nation brought up a player like him, afterall scoring is all what matters no matter in which form it comes, I don't mind drag-flicking. Why did Australia never have a drag-flicker, and here I'm talking about "class" executioner. So don't just cry like many others here. Forwards, they are the "ins" and "outs" of the game, to match Dwyer there are many others better than him around, Who do you have better than Abbas??? For forwards, if its Dwyer for you today, it may be Elder tomorrow, or may be anyone else. So think before arguementation. Get mature on your stuff.
Dirk Pitt
08-30-2005  4:39 pm
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Useful Discussion Moore
Yeah those are good comments made by you, if they are to allow rolling substitution there should be a limit, and they better get rid of this stupid NO Offside Rule, its just damanging the sport. Sometimes Traditions hold more value then Cash.

Btw Moore these ppl are down right hilarious when they got nothing else to comment on they blame us for building a relationship on the post, well for all those jerks and idiots, we are discussing hockey and issues related or relevant to the sports not like you idiots who are into online relations and desperately look for roleplay conversations online, either discuss hockey or dont bother posting.

Do you have anything to say about that Moore, btw good to know ya an AC Milan fan too. May the Roseneri win this season, i just cant believe what a tactical mess Ancelloti made in the CL final last time around.
08-30-2005  8:46 pm
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I don't need to. Its for cry-babies like you and your fellows. BTW Whats your problem? Do You know where your Female partner is? We actually call them with "L" word here but just for your respect I'm calling both of you "Partners of Social Understandings." I hope this time your "Observation" won't diheartened you. Cheers and Grow Up......We have Diapers for "grown ups" also.
09-05-2005  1:10 am
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Its the max. no. of hits (Visits) a page has ever received on planetfieldhociey.com. Amazing!!!
Hari do you agree?
Nasir Malay
09-05-2005  9:32 pm
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we won
malaysia won in Singapore beating South korea recently.
we are best shani
09-07-2005  5:43 am
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OK lets play test series , U national team with our team,
u place , u time
09-07-2005  9:53 am
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i think u dont know much about hockey , malaysia only beat pakistan 2 times ( 2 - 1 , in asian games 1986 ) and in olimpics extra time . thats all bro. its no point draw/beating pakistan and then lost to all the europeans team and even to korea which they haven't won a single match for the past 10 years .I HOPE MALAYSIA CAN JOIN PAKISTAN , INDIA AND KOREA IN CHAMPIONS TROPHY in another few years . please malaysia .

oh ya ! i must congratulate malaysia for being a best host and providing best stadium in the world .

no hard feelings bro . just wanna tell u about history . MALAYSIA ZINDABAD , PAKISTAN ZINDABAD .
09-09-2005  4:21 pm
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I agree with bob and Dhillions.......

Please do not under estemate, ther is a long way to go.... time will come Aussie and India will beat u.....

congratualtions pki bys......
nasir malay
09-09-2005  7:49 pm
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we beat pak when it was required , be proud of the factKL guy.
09-13-2005  2:54 am
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to honest
junior ranking as bearing on senior level. look at india.............
ibrar khan
09-14-2005  6:18 am
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pakistan vs australia the Rabo Trophy
pakistan beat the olymoic hockey champions australia because pakistan the best hockey team in the world.
09-14-2005  10:38 am
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WIN ONE MORE TIME PLEASE..............................
Bodhi(from India)
09-17-2005  2:24 pm
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CHeers( and sighs!)
Great game! I liked every bit of it. It has been a month but the magic is still ON. It was good to see the (south) Asian brand of hockey on the top again .I was amazed by the co-ordination of Pakistanis( and equally surprized by the lack of it from the part of Indians).When will India start to learn that hockey is not a political game????
09-18-2005  7:50 am
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stop bashing malaysia plz
guys, i m a pakistani.. but i'd say plz stop bashing malaysia for anything... bcoz i like that country :P and secondly, you dont have to jump off your seats when some little kid shouts about 'malaysia is better than pak'... you know pak is way up than malays in hockey.. so do not even discuss it...

as for Cobber who said:
"Dirt, I think you'll find that Australian hockey was heavily influenced by Indian's living in Perth and developing the very strong West Australian hockey. The only Pakistani influence in Australia is in the taxi driver industry."

I can feel how much it hurts to loose :) dont cry baby ;) but then its your right to cry.. so CRY OUT LOUD while jumping like a little kangaroo.. ;)
09-19-2005  5:17 am
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Kamran well said. However please note following------
1. I do think Malay is a kid.He has some points.Never mind Mlaysia beat Pak once or twice and he is proud of the fact. Let him be happy.
2. Everone knows Pak ranking is 4th or 5th in the world and malaysia is well beyond 15 or 16th. So lets not bash him up.
3. Who says australia is crying , They may lose but they come back. Ausatralia recors is better then pak or india.So like beating pak once malaysia does not becomes better then pak. SAme way beating Aust once you do not become best.
4. I challage both india and pak to win WC in 2006 or oly medal in 2008.
My heart and wishes are with india n pak

take care
09-26-2005  7:58 pm
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The Malaysian development team won the Singapore four-nation hockey tournament when they defeated the hosts 2-1 at the Delta Hockey Stadium yesterday.

The Malaysians ended the tournament with seven points after beating South Korea 3-1in the opener and then sharing points with Hong Kong 4-4 on Saturday.

Yesterday, Malaysia scored both the goals late in the match. The goals came through Mohamed Ammerullah in the 43rd minute and Zulkifli Rejab in the 60th minute. Singapore scored through Shawn Lim in the 58th minute off a field attempt.

South Korea finished second after beating Hong Kong 4-3 in an earlier match. Singapore who had also earned a 2-2 draw with the Koreans on Saturday took third place.
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