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Greece Withdraws from Women?s Qualification Play-Off Series There are 20 comments on this articlex20
International Hockey Federation
International Hockey Federation
February 24, 2004
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The Hellenic Hockey Federation has withdrawn its women?s national team from the Women?s Qualifying Play-Off Competition, scheduled in Auckland, New Zealand 11 -- 14 March 2004, reports the International Hockey Federation.

The Play-Off series between Greece and Russia was the last opportunity for the Greek women?s team to qualify for the XVII Olympic Games to be held in Athens later this year. The Hellenic Hockey Federation (HHF) cites ?explicit financial reasons? as the reason for their withdrawal.

Greece, the host nation of the XXVII Olympic Games, was required to meet the qualification criteria set out by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The first option for Greece to gain a place at the Olympics was by qualifying for the European Nations Cup, held in 2003. Greece did not qualify for this tournament but there was a second opportunity for Greece to qualify for the Olympics.

This required Greece to beat the 10th qualified team of the Women?s Olympic Qualifier in a best of three play-off competition. Russia, the 10th qualified team at the Qualifier, would have kept its place in the Qualifier regardless of whether it won or lost against Greece. There would, however, have been four places at stake at the Women?s Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Auckland if Greece had qualified, rather than the five now available.

The Women's Qualifying Tournament for XXVII Olympic Games is being held in Auckland New Zealand, 19 to 28 Mar 2004.
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Comments on this article
02-24-2004  9:55 pm
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what happens now?
Does the Hellenic Hockey Federation submit an appeal to the CAS to let their women's team into the Athens Games?
02-25-2004  12:44 am
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A further cynical example of the games the Greek HF has been playing wih the FIH and the Olympic Movement.
02-25-2004  6:08 am
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The Hellenic Hockey Federation did what was common sense. It realised that the women's team was not up to standard and withdrew the team. There is not going to be any protest or appeal about it. The case of the women team is vastly different to the men's one. Here the Hellenic Hockey Federation put all its efforts behind the men's team and indeed they have now become a formidable team that would have put up a good fight if they were allowed to play. And to do that, being that host as well, they surely did not have to be on par with #15 in the world.

The FIH can still find a way around it and have the Greek men participating in the Athens OG. The whole world is watching to see this coming true. The only ones against it are those from countries that counting on the seventh place on grab at Madrid and they are very few.
Yoey Yewin
02-25-2004  9:14 am
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Roster, please? Let's see who is on this vaunted host squad.
02-25-2004  10:22 am
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Fantastic on the one hand the Greek women pull out because they are rubbish and the other the men demand a place even though they are rubbish.

You Greeks are so funny, please give up and let a proper team play in the mens competition.
02-25-2004  11:40 am
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When the Olympic Games are held in a certain country, then is was normal that that country was allowed to participate in alle the sports. And often with good results. Look what happenen with Korea. I think that the FIH should be punished for this interference. Absolute crazy and against all the 'rights' organising coutries have!

What was the Olympic rule....... Participating is more important than winning!!!
02-25-2004  1:27 pm
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The whole world?..
Zeus, you might be a bit optimistic to think that the ?whole world except those hoping to grab the 7th place in Madrid? is behind Greece in this affair...

Some people are claiming that the "Olympic Spirit" is on the Greek's side, I think that quite a few people strongly believe that the Olympic Spirit also asks athletes to strive to compete at the Games, which generally means more than a dozen months of training backed by a court challenge.

It might be OK to only ?participate? in event like bobsled or those with multiple rounds (100m in athletics or swimming) but not in a competition limited to 12 teams after a severe qualification process. Apart from the 5 or 6 teams which will be left behind in Madrid, a few other teams would not look too bad in the Olympic competition (e.g. France, 5th at the recent European Cup, Cuba, etc?)
02-26-2004  12:36 am
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Hellenic Hockey exposed
Finally the truth about the sham of the Greek womens team, the corruption, the lies. All money put to the men to pay for foreigners around the world to make up a team. Hellenic Hockey never tell the truth about how government money awarded to women's Olympic program not used but diverted to others. Only one coach appointed to look after men. Women program stopped long time ago but Hellenic Hockey kept up sham that they would compete.
Shame on Hellenic Hockey. Do not women count in Greece?
02-26-2004  1:44 am
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To Hpy
Your comments would have been very valid if Greece was asking different to customary treatment. If you go back two-three years everyone knew that the composition of the 12 teams is made from the five continental representatives the host and six places decided at the pre-Olympic tournament. The deliberations that are made today against Greece's participation and in favour of a seventh place at the pre-Olympic tournament came in for the Athens OG only after FIH questioned the standard of the Greek team(s). I would like you to tell me what would you consider as a good level that the Greek team(s) should have in order to participate in the OG as hosts. The late results of the Greek men's team indicate that they could be close to par with teams ranked 15-25 in the world ranking. What is your justified opinion?

To Yoey Yewin: Don't worry the Greek national team consists of only Greek born or of Greek decent players. None of the Greek players is a naturalised case.

To Blue : By been abusive you deny yourself an answer.
02-26-2004  3:04 am
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I am glad I have denied myself an answer your drivel is painful especially as you insist the Greek team could be on a par with the other sides. Hockey in Greece is an after thought and their application should be treated with contempt.
02-26-2004  4:36 am
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Hi all, anyone know of any campsites close to the hockey stadium in Athens? If anyone knows of any and can send me the number it would be spectacular... jeremy@somervillehockey.org.nz
02-26-2004  5:00 am
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02-26-2004  6:56 am
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I aggree with Iustitia. And can i ask why IF Greek men be allowed to go through to the games won't the women also be allowed that advantage, or should i say, that RIGHT?
And is the Hellenic Hockey Federation going to get away with it's lies? Making it look as though the women themselves pulled out or even worse, making it look as though they are "training in their own countries" but still part of "the" (?) team, when in the meantime, all the funding from the government to the womens supposed team went to the men or maybe even for the federation itself. What corruption! And other people hav to pay for it! Shame on whoever is in charge for allowing such blatant lies and deception. What is hockey in this world coming to, let alone the olympic games. I thought it was a rule that all sports in the host country get automatic qualification.... It seems to me they can swop and change their rules. Professional event huh.
02-26-2004  8:03 am
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to greece
russia is 17th placed team not 10th.greece u missed a boat,
Yoey Yewin
02-26-2004  12:06 pm
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Zeus misses the point!!!!

Where is the roster?????
02-27-2004  12:43 am
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To Facts:
The FIH cannot now escape an appearance before CAS. If they change the ruling made concerning the qualification of the Greek teams before a CAS hearing then the 7th and 5th placed countries will haul them before CAS.
02-27-2004  1:28 am
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case for Indian women?s hockey team
Indian women?s hockey team
Let?s go by FIH ranking
Five teams have already qualified that is world ranking along with it.

Argentina - 1
Australia -2
Holland- 3
China- 4
South Africa-12

Pool a
Great Britain (5)
Germany (8)
New Zealand (9)
Ireland (14)
Ukraine (15)

Pool b
Korea (6)
Spain (7)
USA (10)
Japan (11)
Russia (17)

So only omission is India.

Russia is allowed to play even if ranked 17th in the world and in recent European cup was ranked 10th.
So Russia does not have any chance of qualification to Olympics.
The reason why Russia is allowed to play is make way for NZ host nation to qualify.
Top 4 teams to go through will be ranked 5, 6, 7, and 8th.
Great Britain

Then NZ as a fifth team.
It will be piece of cake for NZ to beat other teams who are ranked much below.

India though ranked 13th, have peaked right for occasion by winning Asia cup beating Korea Japan and drawing with china.

So if India was in qualifiers. It would have been 50 -50, that means NZ chances are qualification are 50 pct.

FIH by omitting INDIA have made NZ to go through qualification with out picking up a stick.
What a farce.
Is this is the way FIH wants to promote hockey in India or Asia.
India is a big country with a large hockey following. When hockey is on the rise, make it go.
I will like to know what way hockey is promoted. By playing Russia, who is there by default not on the merit? Who has no chance of even winning one match in qualifiers?

I agree we lost qualifier to USA for world cup in best of three, by odd goal in 3rd match. That means that one goal has lost us place in Olympic qualifiers, what a farce.
It?s like a murder of prison sentence of 4 year from 2002 to 2006.

Any way we will rise from ashes in 2006 to beat the world.
I wish I could take stay order on qualifiers.
Any suggestion
02-27-2004  6:48 am
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The roster
Yoey Yewin, I do not know what is your interest in the roster of the Greek men's team but here it is as requested.
03-13-2004  11:57 am
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WE want to see the womens roaster too. Please will someone send a list of all the women who were in the National team.
Thanks x
greek player
05-04-2004  1:27 am
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what's the point at sending you a roster of our team? so you can bash it saying that none of us have any hockey credibility? Our team has already had to put up with enough crap from the Greek Federation cancelling our team- to say the least. I only wish you people knew more about what we went through- and how unfair it is- do u know what it's like to move around the world, to follow your dream? do you know what it's like to be willing to pack up your life in 10 days to move far away for possibly the next year? do you know hwo it feels when they send an email saying stay at home, or we'll call you, and never really hear more back... I dont want your sympathy- I just want you to know how it is...or how it was for us....not easy, to say the least. I hope the men's team is able to get into the games- they deserve it.
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